The Vaselines w/Dum-Dum Girls - 2010-10-20 - Great American Music Hall SF

I recently had the extreme pleasure of witnessing The Vaselines, supported by up-and-coming LA group Dum-Dum Girls.  Excellent show, and yet another reason to continue to chronicle all the amazing performances I've been exposed to in 2010.  Interesting random fact:  The current guitarist/bassist playing with Eugene Kelly and Frances McKee are moonlighting from Belle And Sebastien.

The SF Weekly Blog Review gives a pretty accurate summary of the proceedings, except that "You Think You're A Man" wasn't an off-setlist track, despite what the onstage banter would have you believe, as it has been played throughout their tour.

credit: autumnsweaters
I've linked to a couple of YouTube videos from the show that I've found. Hint: click on 'autumnsweaters' under the photos.

The first video is the title track from their latest album, Sex With An X.  They played about half the album, and were definitely up to the standard of their older material.
credit: autumnsweaters

The other track which was uploaded features members of the opening act Dum-Dum Girls appeared on stage with Mr. Kelly and Ms. McKee to perform 'Molly's Lips'.

And of course, I'm sharing my own recording.
Details after the jump...

The Vaselines (w/Dum-Dum Girls)
Great American Music Hall
San Francisco, CA

taper:  thehappyone
equipment:  Sonic Studios DSM-6/L's > Sony PCM-M10


Oliver Twisted / Monsterpussy / I Hate The 80's / Sex With An X / Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbean / The Devil's Inside Me / Molly's Lips / Slushy / Son Of A Gun / Such A Fool / No Hope / Rory Rides Me Raw / Ruined / Whitechapel / Let's Get Ugly / Dying For It (The Blues)

encore:  You Think You're A Man [Divine] / Sex Sux (Amen) / Dum-Dum

Ended up being a bit disappointed with the quality of the Vaselines capture since somehow it ended up picking up quite a bit more bass than I  envisioned, which distorted the recording slightly.  But it's still very listenable...memo to self: next time, for bigger venues, I need to apply bass cut.

Anyway, here's my recording, absolutely essential to hear the quite hilarious banter between the one-time couple that lead the band.

However, the DDG set came out great, and much better than I thought they sounded while I was watching them.  I can definitely hear their resemblance to Crocodiles with respect to their guitar sound, with the female harmony vocals being the main contrast.  A bit reminiscent of pre-Gala Lush with the sensibility of other California darkpop[tm] acts like Best Coast, and bit of the swagger of the Rolling Stones, whom they cover.


"Take Care Of My Baby" (nearly the same as 'Dream Away Life' but with different lyrics)
It Only Takes One Night
I Will Be
Yours Alone
Bhang Bhang, I'm A Burnout
Jail La La
Everybody's Out
Rest Of Our Lives
Play With Fire [Rolling Stones]


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