My Sixth Recording - Xiu Xiu - 2007-04-23 - Bottom Of The Hill SF (incomplete)

photo by David Downs

Xiu Xiu
Bottom Of The Hill
San Francisco CA

thehappyone recording, done with Sonic Studios DSM-6 into PA-6 batbox, plugged into a Sony MZ-RH10 MD recorder (PCM mode).

pre-gig PA tracks:

The Now - Mouthful of Bees
Punkrocker (Feat Iggy Pop) - Teddybears, Iggy Pop
soundchecking, Supernatural Car Lover - Robert Pollard
Brainstorm (live) - Arctic Monkeys


Sad Pony Guerilla Girl
Bishop, CA
Ceremony (cut)
I Luv The Valley OH! [not on recording]
Yellow Raspberry (start missing)
The Fox and the Rabbit

Also played:

Vulture Piano 
The Wig Master
Note: My recording only includes the first through start of the third song, and the fifth and sixth song. I was really bummed that it cut out during the start of "Ceremony", as it was an excellent version, too.  I didn't note what else was played, so I've had to piece together what would have been in the setlist based on reviews and whatever other recordings have surfaced.  

There's a Paper Heart, Phoenix recording from the month before (2007-03-25, to be exact) that has the following setlist:

Sad Pony Guerilla Girl
Bishop, CA
I Broke Up 
Sad Redux-o-Grapher
Boy Soprano
I Love The Valley OH!
The Fox and the Rabbit
Buzz Saw
Vulture Piano
Yellow Raspberry
Fabulous Muscles

So based on this, I'm pretty sure that at least Boy Soprano and Fabulous Muscles were performed...here's an list of all the other media I was able to turn up of this show...the record is somewhat fragmentary.

East Bay Express article, by David Downs, that states "Vulture Piano" and "The Wig Master" were played.

David Downs videos:



"I Luv The Valley OH!", last 1:14, later in the set...my recording cuts during the intro of "Ceremony"(dying battery) and I restarted it a bit further into the set and got a couple more tracks, but not this one.


Ben Mirov videos, documenting one of their later songs:

"I Broke Up" (2:32)

I didn't record their set.

A less-than-positive review from vulpture...I don't know what this blogger was expecting...KC and the Sunshine Band?  Much of Xiu Xiu's material comes from a very dark place, and seems as pretentious and honest as art should be.  I know that they are a very acquired taste, so no worries if it is not your thing, and sometimes I find them awkward and forced, but when they make an impact, it is with the full force of the best music has to offer.

Their prior visit to BOTH, as featured here...