Carta / Society Of Rockets - 2008-06-11 - Bottom Of The Hill SF

Carta / Society Of Rockets
Bottom Of The Hill
San Francisco, CA

taper: thehappyone
recording (for Carta): Belkin Tunetalk > iPod nano 1st gen 2gb
recording (for Society Of Rockets): Belkin Tunetalk > iPod classic 5th gen 30gb
These have not been shared publicly before.
I arrived too late to catch Odessa, sadly.  Lots of handling noise during the Carta set, but even through that, this was the best performance of the nine I saw and taped, and I used to play this recording all the time...
Carta setlist

00  PA Background music (The Hundred Days - "This Precious Town" plus two others, with the last track coinciding with the band soundchecking)  [9:44]
01  The Likeness Is Undeniable  [4:50]
02  Prettier At Night  [6:42]
03  Sidereal  [5:42]
04  The Glass Bottom Boat (w/Odessa Chen on vocals)  [8:41]
05  Burning Bridges  [10:05]
06  Descension  [9:02]
07  outro  [0:14]

Total 55m

Unfortunately, I don't seem to have taken any photos.  Not like any photos I took back then (or even now) were any good.  They have a website which has a bunch of things, including photos of the band, so peer at those.
According to cartamusic.com/shows this was played by Kyle, Sacha, Raj, Ray, and Alex Kort on cello, with Odessa on vocals, for one song. 
The Society Of Rockets setlist, most of which I don't have IDs for.  I'd describe them as psych-classic-postrock which I'm not sure was meant as a compliment or not (I kid, it is!), though I actually liked Mountain Magic enough back in the day to ID it.

01  Mountain Magic  [6:34]   the start of this has some chatting between myself and Kyle of Carta, so I learned that at one point his guitar cut out...
02  Blowout Chief  [2:34]
03  I Am A Battery  [4:38]
04  California's Burning  [5:25]
05  Horses Of Mars  [10:08]
06  Plug In City  [6:19]
07  outro  [1:01]
Total 36:39

A YouTube playlist of all of their songs, which helped me to ID the rest of these.