2022 Live Performances


I seriously underestimated the time it would take me to collate/share my 2022 offerings, not sure what I was thinking when I said these would be up by January 2023...try December 2023.

Maybe 2023 will be done by January 2024.  Most likely not. 

In reverse order...recorded with Zoom H1n unless indicated otherwise.  Unfortunately, while I still have the unit, one of the X-Y mics died so I can now only use it with external mics.  The Tascam will have to step into the breach there.

2022-12-08  Great American Music Hall, SF

SRSQ  (audio)
Choir Boy  (audio)

Choir Boy (full show blend) 60m.


2022-12-02  Thee Parkside, SF

Moon Daze  (audio)
Bridal Party  (audio)
Goon  (audio)

Hookups & The Group Photo - playlist of three videos, no song titles.  12m.
Track 3

Tracks 6+7

Track 8

Moon Daze, complete show (blend).  30m.

Goon, complete show (blend).  35m.

2022-11-07  The Warfield, SF
Manic Street Preachers  (audio, iPhone 12 mini / Shure MV88)
(The London) Suede  (audio, iPhone 12 mini / Shure MV88)
Manic Street Preachers, "Motorcycle Emptiness"  (GaoBest).  6m.

Suede, Beautiful Ones  (GaoBest)  6m.


2022-11-05  Art Boutiki, SJ
VEG  (audio)
Lazer Beam  (audio)
Dead Engine  (audio)
A bit outside of my normal haunts, but went with a good buddy / ex-co-worker so had a blast.

2022-10-28  The Knockout, SF
Promise (Sade covers)
Old Order (Joy Division covers)
Business Cats (Mika Miko covers)
The Jebus and Mary Chainsaw Massacre (JAMC covers)
Suburbone Lawns (Suburban Lawns covers)
All acts can be heard here  (audio)
2022-10-12  Chase Center, SF
New Order  (audio, iPhone 12 mini / Dolby On)
The Pet Shop Boys  (audio iPhone 12 mini / Dolby On)

2022-10-09  Great American Music Hall, SF
Gustaf  (audio)
Yard Act  (audio)

Gustaf (selections), 2m.

2022-10-05  The Knockout, SF
Damper  (audio)
Rosie Plaza  (audio)  Blend w/GaoBest source  (audio)
Loser Soup  (audio)

Rosie Plaza, entire show  (GaoBest).  35m.

2022-09-30  Bottom Of The Hill, SF

2022-09-28  Rickshaw Stop, SF

Working Men's Club (partial)  (GaoBest).  12m.

2022-09-19  The Fillmore, SF
Have I said how much I hate the Fillmore?  Zoom checked in w/ security, iPhone recording failed due to program fault.  Here's a playlist of the songs they played.  There's no live recordings footage anywhere that I could find.
2022-09-10  The Warfield, SF
Peter Hook and the Light  (audio)  - also shared on DIME
2022-09-02  The Knockout, SF
The Reds, Pinks & Purples  (audio).  This recording was used in an official release, since withdrawn.
Violent Change  (audio)

2022-08-06  The Chapel, SF

Chime School  (audio)
The Umbrellas  (audio)

Papercuts not taped, we left before they went on.

Chime School, complete show (GaoBest).  30m.

The Umbrellas "I'll Never Understand" + "Write It In The Sky"  (GaoBest).  8m.

2022-07-23  The Knockout, SF

Chime School  (audio)
Semi Trucks  (audio)
Mo Dotti  (audio)
Seablite  (audio)

2022-06-25  Weekender, Golden Bull, Oakland (night 3)

Tony Molina (not billed, filling in)
Boyracer  (audio)
Mick Trouble  (audio)

Mick Trouble, complete set, 48m.

2022-06-24  Weekender, Golden Bull, Oakland (night 2)


2022-06-23  Weekender, Golden Bull, Oakland (night 1)

Chime School  (audio)
Blues Lawyer  (audio)
Lunchbox  (audio)
Cindy  (audio)
Neutrals  (audio)

Blues Lawyer, complete set, 28m.

2022-06-22  The Knockout, SF
Flowertown  (audio)
Jeanines  (audio)
Mick Trouble  (audio)
April Magazine  (audio)

Flowertown - First two songs, "The Door The Light, The Thief"and "Half Yesterday" 8m.

2022-06-07  The Knockout, SF
Ice Cream Head  (audio)
Panda Riot  (audio)
R.W. Lynch  (audio)


2022-05-27  Great American Music Hall, SF
Molchat Doma  (audio, Church Audio CA-11 omnis > Tascam DR22-WL)
2022-05-11  Thee Parkside, SF
Almond Joy  (audio)
Warp  (audio)
The Umbrellas  (audio)
Pardoner  (audio) 

Almond Joy (most tracks, amalgram of several vids, 19:30)

Warp, "Planet Of Skunks", 2m.  Filmed by Michael GaoBest.

2022-05-04  Phoenix Theater, Petaluma
The Church  (audio, Church Audio CA-11 ominis > Tascam DR22-WL)
2022-04-26  Palace Of Fine Arts, SF

2022-04-24  The Knockout, SF
Blushing  (audio)
Letting Up Despire Great Faults  (JL+THO blend)
Bellavista  (JL+THO blend)
Blushing  (JL+THO blend)
Blushing, Secrets.  4m.

Blushing, Sour Punch (short).  1m, vertically aligned.
2022-04-22   Eli's Mile High Club, Oakland
Marbled Eye  (audio)


2022-04-21  Rickshaw Stop, SF
Buzzed Lightbeer  (audio, Church Audio CA-11 ominis > Tascam DR22-WL)
Yard Act  (audio,  Church Audio CA-11 ominis > Tascam DR22-WL)
2022-04-10  Rickshaw Stop, SF
Toner  (audio)
Riki  (audio)
Choir Boy  (audio)

Toner, blend of iPhone audio w/first 3 trax  (audio)

Toner, "Dark Ecstasy", 2m.

Riki, "Lo" (w/ Adam Klopp), 4m.

2022-04-09  Harlow's, Sacramento
Flowertown  (audio)
Dean Wareham  (audio, shared to DIME as 16/44.1)
2022-03-29  Great American Music Hall, SF
Guided By Voices  (audio, Church Audio CA-11 omnis > Zoom H1n, shared to DIME as 16/44.1)

2022-03-18  Rickshaw Stop, SF
Tony Jay  (audio)
R.E. Seraphin  (audio)
Hectorine  (audio)
Flowertown  (audio)

2022-03-16  Great American Music Hall, SF
Topographies  (audio)
Alien Boy  (audio)
Soft Kill  (audio)

2022-03-11  The Knockout, SF
Chime School  (audio)
Artsick  (audio)
Devon Williams  (audio)

2022-01-20  The Starlet Room at Harlow's, Sacramento
Julian Never  (audio)
Lilys  (audio, shared to DIME as 16/44.1)