The Whip + Late Of The Pier - 2009-04-16 - Popscene, SF


The Whip
Popscene @330 Ritch St.
San Francisco CA

taper: thehappyone
kit: Sony ECM-MS907 > Edirol R-09HR (w/o batbox)


00 - intro   [1:06]
01 - Muzzle #1  [4:59]
02 - Sister Siam  [4:50]
03 - Divebomb  [5:39]
04 - Blackout  [6:03]
05 - Throw It In The Fire  [6:03]
06 - Shake  [6:25]
07 - Trash  [6:41]
08 - outro  [4:51]
09 - brief chat with Bruce Carter  [0:47] 

Total  [48:28]

Mancunian dance-rock band active from 2006 to the present,  though Discogs doesn't list recordings after 2011. Frontman Bruce Carter would had previously formed Nylon Pylon and then become a music teacher.

Lots of muffling during the first couple of tracks, and in fact, throughout...probably due to me not knowing how to hold up a microphone...the MS907 isn't a lapel mic but something more handheld/tabletop.

GSM interference from my iPhone during "Blackout", and midway through "Shake".  Kraftwerk sample during "Throw It In The Fire".  A good early example of me being totally excited and whooping my approval after every track, though I never picked up their album "X Marks Destination"

Must have shocked the hell out of Bruce for some SF rando evento have mentioned Alex!  Adding "The Red" finally clued him in...

WHIP IT  (d/l from pCloud)