Terry Malts - Noise Pop 2013

Terry Malts
Noise Pop
Rickshaw Stop SF


Living With The Human Race
What Was It?
Not Far From It
'malternate tuning' (interlude)
Where Is The Weekend
They're Feeding (Subway version)
new one  ('I Don't Wanna Go')
Tumble Down
I Do
Walking With You
Life's A Dream
No Tomorrow
No Sir, I'm Not A Christian
Something About You

They weren't the headliners for this show, but more than one person noticed that the place was most full with the Malts on.
I didn't stay for more than a few songs for the last act, having been sated by seeing TM and Synthetic ID before them.

"They're Feeding" was punctuated by a mock-rep for Subway taking the group for task for being in breach of contract, as they were supposed to have been promoting the foot-long February $5 deal.

(Ed.'s admission: I had many a $5 footlong during that month, as there's a Subway right near work...right next to it is a McDonald's)

Otherwise, aside from a 'malternate tuning' between Not Far From It and Where Is The Weekend it was an onslaught of old faves (good to hear No Sir again, a few people were shouting for it) and new songs that will hopefully be on their upcoming LP.

More photos can be found here.


Synthetic ID - Noise Pop 2013

Synthetic ID
Noise Pop @ Rickshaw Stop
San Francisco, CA


new instrumental
Between The Lines
No Context
Like Clockwork
Pressure Gauge
Killing Time

My compatriot and I made it to the Rickshaw just in time to catch Nick, Will, Paul, and Jake put some noise back into Noise Pop, and captivate the audience (most of whom were probably still getting there) with the best set of the night.  I had seen these guys last year, and they were even better this time...two adjectives I'd use are economical and dystopian, nothing was wasted, nothing was superfluous, nothing was all right with the world, except right here, in front of Synthetic ID performing.

More photos can be found here.


The Missing Boy (returns)

Vini Reilly

There was a boy
I almost knew him
A glance exchanged
Made me feel good
Leaving some signs

Now a legend

The dream was wrought

Where thoughts were heard
Love is reserved
From previous times


Like a dead bird in the dirt
Like a rusty can on the ground
I don't believe in stardom
Machinery in action
Full of experts
Full of experts
Same old order
Same old order
Same old order

Watch with obsession
Some accident of beauty
Try to capture
As the light begins to fail
Shapes to compose
Shadows of frailty
The dream is better
Dissolves into softness
But the end
The end is always the same


There was a boy
I almost knew him
A glance exchanged
Made me feel good
Leaving some signs
Now a legend


Been out of commission for a few months, working on other projects, really.

But I'm back for another go-round!

Will start up again with resuscitating links from December 2010, which I'll do over the course of next week.

Then my live jaunts start up again, as I'll be seeing the following groups:

2/27 Synthetic ID + Terry Malts - Noise Pop - Rickshaw Stop SF [*]
3/22 The Joy Formidable - The Fillmore SF
4/05 Thee Oh Sees - Verdi Club SF
4/09 Sparks - The Chapel SF
4/18 Savages - The Independent SF

There may be others.


[*] Yes, this post postdates this show by about two weeks, so to make up for it, I'll be putting up my recordings for these groups over the weekend!