Savage Republic / The Urinals / Brilliant Colors / Rank/Xerox - 2009-07-18 - Hemlock Tavern SF


Rank / Xerox
Brilliant Colors
The Urinals
Savage Republic
@Hemlock Tavern 2009-07-18

taper: thehappyone
kit: Sonic Studios DSM-6L > Edirol R-09HR (w/o batbox)

There is nothing in the way of photos from the show or posters or videos, just these recordings from the now dearly departed Hemlock Tavern.  An absolutely brilliant set of bands, too.  Recordings linked to via the band name.  

Was the second night in a row seeing Savage Republic play with other legendary bands like Flipper and Toiling Midgets the previous night, and The Urinals for this present show, along with local promising groups Brilliant Colors and Rank/Xerox

Rank/Xerox - soundchecking / Discipline / Turn To Stone / Our Early Time / Basement Furniture / Drips / Nausea / Stairs / outro

Brilliant Colors - soundchecking / Mythic / I Searched / Should I Tell You / English Cities / Short Sleeves At Night / Over There / Yell In The Air / Absolutely Anything

The Urinals - intro + soundchecking / Strip Club / Close Our Eyes / Girl Before / Water/Blood / Bring Me Joy / This Love Is Impossible / Rocket To The Moon / Insomnia / Shut Yr Trap / Black Hole / The President & King Shake Hands / Unblackmailable / (sounds like a Sonic Youth cover) / This Song Is a Virus / outro

Savage Republic - soundcheck (w/chatter) / Year Of Exile / Procession / Mobilization / Next To Nothing / Andelusia / Viva La Rock n' Roll [Alternative TV] / 1938 / Siege / outro




Flipper w/Savage Republic & Toiling Midgets - 2009-07-17 - Cafe Du Nord, SF


Cafe Du Nord
San Francisco CA

taper: lammah
equip: Sonic Studios DSM-6/L mics > Edirol R-09HR
loc:   stage left-ish, about 5-10' away from the band
prep:  32/48 WAV > Adobe Audition 1.5 (normalization, bass EQ, conversion to 16/44) > CD WAVE (tracksplits) > FLAC(6)


00 - intro - [0:25]
01 The Lights The Sound The Rhythm The Noise [5:47]
02 Sacrifice [6:29]
03 [4:13]
04 The Way Of The World  [5:19]
05 Ha Ha Ha Ha [3:01]
06 [5:06]
07 - Bruce improv tune -  [0:11]
08 Ever [4:59]
09 Survivors Of The Plague [7:01]
10 (I Saw You Shine)  [10:09]
11      Get Away [4:37]
12 Life Is Cheap  [faded out] [5:42]

(contemporaneous write-up)

There's a couple of songs (03 and 06) I can't identify, much appreciated if you could help a brother out.  Apparently they played nothing from Love, which is quote weird considering it came out in June 2009.

Unfortunately, my recording cuts out before the encore of "Sex Bomb", and I may have missed "Talk Is Cheap" before that, so if anybody else here has another version of this that is complete, please share.  
Can't complain how this came out otherwise.

Mr. Calderwood was in "fine" form and was so pissed off he didn't bother to come back on for the encore.  I don't think the crowd hated him quite enough for his liking, even once the moshpit started going.  New bassist Rachel Thoele availed herself well, though during the start of one of her songs, Bruce started going off on her playing out of tune.  That man can down a beer faster than
anybody I've ever seen though...not Dumweiser even but one of those thick foreign brews...I think everybody was actually impressed by that.

Probably not a show you'd re-play frequently, but a good, even if  incomplete, document.


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*  I don't mind MP3 transcodes (not on the lossless torrent site of note of course), but please retain this info file!
*  Have fun.  Life is too short otherwise.


REPPLIF  (pCloud stream/dl)
"The Lights The Sound The Rhythm The Noise " - Filmed by 'BayAreaMusicLens' for their 2008 Cafe Du Nord show, with Krist from Nirvana instead of Rachel from Frightwig on bassist duties...for Flipper, this instrument is the equivalent to drummers for Spinal Tap, it is said.