Champagne Socialists / Girls / The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart - 2009-07-21 - Rickshaw Stop SF


from "jingleSF" video


The Pains Of Being Pure at Heart
Rickshaw Stop
San Francisco CA

taper: lammah

kit:  Sonic Studios DSM-6/L mics > Edirol RO9-HR > Adobe Audition (limiting/normalization) >
      CD Wave (tracksplits) > FLAC(6)

location:  2nd floor balcony front/center


00 1:52  soundchecking
01 2:48  Doing All The Things That Wouldn't Make Your Parents Proud
02 3:03  This Love is Fucking Right!
03 4:52  Young Adult Friction
04 2:14  103
05 3:55  The Tenure Itch
06 5:33  Stay Alive
07 3:53  Come Saturday
08 3:59  Higher Than The Stars
09 3:29  Everything With You
10 3:21  The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart
11 1:40  ---
12 5:38  Gentle Sons

Total: 46:23

First time for me visiting the Rickshaw.  By happenstance, found a good place to tape, albeit
a bit distant.  Only real glitch is 1:25-1:35 of track 7 gets a bit muffled.

The bad news is the opening groups were really awful.  I did tape the Champagne Socialists'
sub-Siouxie fronted Smithslike jangle(*) but decided that Girls was not worth wasting battery
on, one set of Nelson twins is enough.
However, this was more than made up by The Pains, who while sounding like every 80's/early90s band you know and love (with a huge vocal nod to Chapterhouse), they were impressive.

I can understand why these guys are building a following.


Indeed they did, and did very well for Mike Schulman and Slumberland, so glad for their success, even if they eventually called it a day.  I saw their bassists's new band Massage recently at the Bottom Of The Hill and thought it was pretty good.

Here's "Come Saturday" from YouTube poster jingleSF.  Only video footage of this show, though there was another performance from Feburary when they played a secret show to open for Deerhunter.

(*) Note that was my opinion at the time, which doesn't hold up, as I quite enjoyed listening to them again now, and didn't realize their only 7" was released on Slumberland!  
Know they later changed their name to Neverever but don't think they lasted much longer, I don't think.  Girls, on the other hand...not for me.  I included the one song I taped of them before I stopped the recording.  I may have been overly harsh here too...not sure whatever happened to Christopher Owens from that group.
Speaking of which, here's my live recording of them, linked below:
Champagne Socialists - ? / ? / Blue Genes / ? / Young Runaways / ? / ? / Girls set (incomplete)
Their Slumberland 7" SLR 98 single (playlist of tho songs)


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