The Whip + Late Of The Pier - 2009-04-16 - Popscene, SF


The Whip
Popscene @330 Ritch St.
San Francisco CA

taper: thehappyone
kit: Sony ECM-MS907 > Edirol R-09HR (w/o batbox)


00 - intro   [1:06]
01 - Muzzle #1  [4:59]
02 - Sister Siam  [4:50]
03 - Divebomb  [5:39]
04 - Blackout  [6:03]
05 - Throw It In The Fire  [6:03]
06 - Shake  [6:25]
07 - Trash  [6:41]
08 - outro  [4:51]
09 - brief chat with Bruce Carter  [0:47] 

Total  [48:28]

Mancunian dance-rock band active from 2006 to the present,  though Discogs doesn't list recordings after 2011. Frontman Bruce Carter would had previously formed Nylon Pylon and then become a music teacher.

Lots of muffling during the first couple of tracks, and in fact, throughout...probably due to me not knowing how to hold up a microphone...the MS907 isn't a lapel mic but something more handheld/tabletop.

GSM interference from my iPhone during "Blackout", and midway through "Shake".  Kraftwerk sample during "Throw It In The Fire".  A good early example of me being totally excited and whooping my approval after every track, though I never picked up their album "X Marks Destination"

Must have shocked the hell out of Bruce for some SF rando evento have mentioned Alex!  Adding "The Red" finally clued him in...

WHIP IT  (d/l from pCloud)


The Homosexuals, Magic Bullets, Brilliant Colors - 2009-03-24 - Bottom Of The Hill SF


The Homosexuals
Bottom Of The Hill
San Francisco CA
A Part Time Punks event

taper:  thehappyone
equipment:  Sonic Studios DSM-6/L mics > Edirol R-09HR

Bruno Wizard with his coterie...
Fourth time for me at the BOTH....this set hasn't been made available before.


00 Part Time Punks DJ tracks include...
   - "Ambition" by Vic Godard/Subway Sect 
   - "Gordon Is A Moron" by Jilted John aka Graham Fellows, who later would develop his John Shuttleworth persona (which I sadly mis-ID'ed at the time as "Atilla The Stockbroker", how embarrassing.
   - "I'm In Love With Margaret Thatcher" by Notsensibles 
   - the band themselves playing over whatever's being played.

01 intro
02 Hearts In Exile
03 You're Not Moving (The Way You're Supposed To) pt.1
04 Astral Glamour
05 Neutron Lover
06 "you old cunt!" (chantalong)
07 Technique Street
08 Flying
09 My Night Out
10 Snapshots Of Nairobi
11 Pentecost 2016
12 Walk Before Imitate
13 Divorce Proceeding (From Reality)
14 Vociferous Slam
15 False Sentiments
16 You're Not Moving (The Way You're Supposed To) pt.2
17 (Bruno reggae improv + outro with a punk version of "I Heard It Thru The Grapevine)
HOMOSEXUALS (pCloud link)

Unfortunately, don't recall much of this one except with a name like that, this had to be something pretty good.  Upon playback, yes, oh yes...Hearts In Exile and Astral Glamour are great tracks....but the highlight is the 20 minute (in 3+17 minute portions) of "You're Not Moving (The Way You're Supposed To), which is spine-bending and mind-blowing.

WOW, their entire recorded output is available here:
Definitely going to pick this up (DONE).
No photos or video for any of these, it looks like.


The Bird And The Bee w/Obi Best - 2009-02-09 - The Independent SF


(info files as originally posted, with current comments in italics)

The Bird and the Bee
The Independent
San Francisco, CA

taped by:  lammah (= thehappyone = me!)
equipment: Edirol R-09HR with built-in mics

lineage: Edirol R-09HR (built-in) 24/48 > Adobe Audition 1.5 (downsample to 16/44.1, normalization, fades) > CD Wave (tracksplits) > FLAC(6)

This is the same seed posted to a certain Bittorrent lossless recordings of independent origin site of some renown shared later that night, if I can believe my notes...most likely this was really a couple days afterwards....though I remember at the time I was *very* enthusiastic about this show.


00 - intro             1:43
01 - My Love           4:52
02 - Again and Again   3:06
03 - Diamond Dave      4:21
04 - Fucking Boyfriend 3:47
05 - Ray Gun           4:00
06 - Preparedness      3:45
07 - Birthday          5:07
08 - Man               3:53
09 - Love Letter To Japan        4:28
10 - I Can't Go For That
     (No Can Do) [Hall n' Oates] 5:08
11 - Meteor            5:18
12 - Polite Dance Song 5:50
13 - How Deep Is Your Love       4:21

Total                 59:46

Here's my recent recording of the fabulous The Bird and the Bee.  The Independent was packed on a Monday night to see this group, which features the daughter of Lowell George (from Little Feat)  playing in a synth-pop duo.  The 80s are back!  Or was it electroclash finally becoming popular in LA?  Crowd was pretty sedate considering the place it was filled, so I'm guessing the group was a bit more casual than the usual wild bunch that go to see shows here.  :-)

Blurry photos and ticket stub included.

Will also put up Obi Best soon (which I did)...they were a very pleasant surprise, and of course Alex and Wendy from that group also help out on backing vocals and random instruments.



THE BIRD AND THE BEE  (pCloud link)

As a bonus, I also assembled a YouTube playlist of footage from this show, which starts from "My Love", which you can click on below.


"This was shot with a Sony HVR-Z1U, Audio is from Church Audio 9100 Mics and Pre-Amp to a Roland R09 16/48. Taper = Derek Dubuque (Drock). Thanks to Inara, and the Independent for allowing me to tape."  Indeed, this source sounds outstanding, and better than my effort.

I believe at one point I received the entire gig on DVD, but have to find that.  If I do find it and it includes more than what's online, I'll update this and share it.

Obi Best after the jump...



Carta, 3 Leafs, Meridians - 2009-01-28 - Hemlock Tavern SF


Photo from sfgate, shortly before closing down

I miss the Hemlock.

Believe this was the first show I went to there (went back a total of 25 times all told), and since there's no documentation of these performances other than my recordings, I'll just present you the downloads which heretofore have not been shared.

All captured with Edirol R-09HR w/built in mics.

Carta set  (pCloud link)

00 - soundchecking  (2:47)
01 - Sexton  (7:14)
02 - Sevendas  (3:25)
03 - The Last Name Of Your First Love  (5:58)
04 - Hourglass  (4:34)
05 - Larva  (5:47)
06 - Perdido  (5:25)

This show was played by Kyle, Sacha, Ray, and Raj, according to the band's shows page.

3 Leafs set  (pCloud link)

(01 - 13:14)
(02 - 10:40)
(03 - 5:13)
No titles for this set, as of yet....krauty free jazz-sounding.... all really good!
They do have a Bandcamp and have other live recordings, so they may be interested in hearing about this, so have reached out to them...

Meridians set  (pCloud link)

00 - soundchecking  (12:00)
01 - 'in the light'  (5:21) 
02 - 'flute loop'  (7:58)
03 - 'remember me'  (9:52)
04 - 'mistake'  (8:43)

These titles are my best guesses.

I *believe* this is their Bandcamp, and they've put something up in the last year....neat!