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Silver Shadows, live at the Brick and Mortar, July 3rd, 2015

Some things are in the works for later this year...likely more archival in focus...I have quite a few live recordings from 2008 onwards to resuscitate, due for later in 2015.

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For more Silver Shadows pics...

And for their fantastic performance of "Night Drive":


Will Ivy - 2015-06-25 - The Knockout SF

Will Ivy
25 June 2015
The Knockout
San Francisco, CA


unknown #1
unknown #2
unknown #3
unknown #4
Good Night
unknown #6

(MP3s in zipfile - right click, save as on your PC/Mac)



Cruel Summer - 2015-04-03 - The Chapel SF

Cruel Summer
The Chapel
San Francisco CA

Opening for Mourn.  Look for that one soon.

taper: thehappyone, video is an iPhone 4, audio uses outboard Sonic Studios DSM-6s/L mics into an Olympus LS-5


Around You, Around Me

Been following this group and have seen them several times since one of their first shows back at the end of 2011, but have to say that for me, this was their best performance yet, and hope that great things continue to happen for them, as they are lovely folk.

This video encompasses the last four songs...

I also recorded the first two (audio-only though) as "Around You, Around Me" and "Dusted" are really strong as well.  I've augmented these with all the photos I took.

Another recording of "Spun", from Wayne Jessup, from a different angle...

Can't wait for when their album lands.

Some more photos...


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Here's a couple of recent vids from Noise Pop...

Chasms - "Dissolution Into Clear Light"

VANIISH - "Kaleidoscoped"

No Joy - pt 1. @ Noise Pop

No Joy - pt 2 @ Noise Pop


HTRK - Noise Pop 2015 - Elbo Room, San Francisco

Noise Pop 2015
Elbo Room
San Francisco, CA

Full-length video

Recorded with GoPro 4 Hero Silver synced to outboard recording using Sonic Studios DSM-6s/L microphones plugged into an Olympus LS-5.

0:00 intro
0:31 Give It Up
6:56 Chinatown Style
14:11 Poison
19:28 Fascinator
26:06 The Body You Deserve
33:46 Synthetik
41:37 Rentboy
46:08 Ha
52:13 outro

A superlative set from Australia's finest darkwave electronic/noise group.

The camera work during the latter half of "Give It Up" is somewhat sketchy, apologies, the GoPro is still a new piece of gear and was still getting used to it.

Please, if you enjoy this, think of buying some of the group's product here or catching them live when they play near you...