Fresh and Onlys / Tamaryn / Wax Idols - 2011-10-07 - Great American Music Hall SF

The Fresh & Onlys
Great America Music Hall
San Francisco CA

All recordings are dual-sourced audience blends.

TZ0: Sonic Studios DSM-6s/L > Edirol R-09HR
TH1: Church Audio CA-11 > CA-9100 > Olympus LS-5

Summer Of Love
Grey-Eyed Girl
What's His Shadow Still Doing Here?
Secret Walls
Strange Disposition
August In My Mind
You're Known To Wander
Dreaming Is Easy
Wash Over Us
Love & Kindness
Peacock & Wing
Diamond In The Dark

Dream Girls
Feelings In My Heart

Fresh...download (FLAC)

Tim Cohen and company put on a good show for a hometown crowd, even if I'm more than willing to admit I was primarily drawn to seeing Wax Idols and Tamaryn.  What struck me on playback is how tuneful F&Os are, along with Kelley Stoltz and Sonny and the Sunsets and the more laid-back Thee Oh Sees material, this is a signature San Francisco vibe (note: doesn't necessarily mean low-fi...)  

Speaking of which, spot anyone familiar?

JPD and Heidi Sandwitch
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Dum Dum Girls (w/Crocodiles and Colleen Green) - 2011-10-04 - Great American Music Hall

Dum Dum Girls
Great American Music Hall
San Francisco CA

A TZ0/TH1 joint production.


Always Looking
Bhang Bhang, I'm A Burnout
I Will Be
Rest Of Our Lives
Bedroom Eyes
It Only Takes One Night
Wasted Away
Hold Your Hand
Teardrops On My Pillow
He Gets Me High
In My Head
Jail La La
Heartbeat (Take It Away)
There Is A Light That Never Goes Out 
  [The Smiths]     (vid 1)  (vid 2)
Coming Down    (vid 1)  (vid 2)

The DDG recording is up on DIME.

Individual links are to YouTube videos.

I've been minimizing commentary (better to be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt) recently but have to say that the DDG set this time around, even with some technical difficulties surrounding Jules' guitar, was even more tight then the previous times we had seen them last year.  It's uncommon for me to enjoy a band's slower tracks more than their faster paced ones, but this was an exception...Kristin's...er, Dee Dee's vocal delivery was enough to bring the house down, especially on tracks like 'Hold Your Hand' and 'In My Head'...but most of all, the phenomenal encore track 'Coming Down'...I'm hoping they follow groups like The Joy Formidable in getting some national television exposure, even if I probably won't want to catch them in any venues much larger than the GAMH.

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Terry Malts - 2011-09-30 - Hemlock Tavern SF

Terry Malts
Hemlock Tavern SF

TZ0TH1 blend

TZ0: Sonic Studios DSM-6s/Ls > Edirol R09-HR
TH1: Olympus LS-5 w/built-ins


I Do
What Was It
Waiting Room
Something About You
Not Far From It
Mall Dreams
I'm No Good For You
Where Is The Weekend
Can't Tell No One [Negative Approach]
I'm Neurotic

Setlist (changed up a bit)
We also filmed video of the first nine songs, not all of it because the batteries ran out.  It's somewhat dark, but is a quick, nice way to enjoy their set.  They'll be touring the US later in October with Wax Idols, so catch them if you get the chance...

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