Part Time Punks Festival 2009 - The Raincoats (pt. 5)

Gang Of Four's Hugo Burnham looks on...

The Raincoats
'Part Time Punks'
The Echoplex
Los Angeles, CA

taper:     lammah

lineage:   Sonic Studios DSM-6/L > Edirol R-09HR >
           Adobe Audition [compression/normalizing/
       downsampling/tracksplits] > FLAC(6)


01  No Side To Fall In        3:10
02  No Looking                3:13
03  You're A Million          4:10
04  Shouting Out Loud         5:51
05  Don't Be Mean             5:34
06                            4:09
07  Babydog                   5:28
08  City Girl (band intros)   1:58
09  City Girl                 7:07
10  Only Loved At Night       4:25
11  No One's Little Girl      4:38
12  The Void                  5:12
13  Viv Albertine intro /
    Adventures Close To...
    (breakdowns)              3:28
14  Adventures Close To Home  4:32
15  Lola  [The Kinks]         7:00
16  In Love                   3:19
17  Fairy Tale In The
    Supermarket               3:51

total 77:14

Pics by Ned Raggett

Their first LA performance ever!

This recording is probably on par with the other recordings I did on the downstairs stage, but instead of being taped 'down in front', I was in front of the stage left speaker stack, with relatively few obstructions, so technically it's  probably the best recording I've ever done.

The Raincoats were somewhat more shambolic here than in SF, but c'mon, this is not Yes we're talking about.  Took them a couple of times to get Adventures Close To Home going, Gina kept flubbing the bass intro.  "Sack the bassist" she cries after the second attempt went south.  'Only Loved At Night' is just one of those songs...

Right before Viv Albertine came on for her set, I had a chance to briefly chat with Gina Birch...who had videoed her entire performance.

Any help ID'ing track 6 appreciated!

A few photos, including one of Hugo from Gang Of four, thrown  in.


Do not sell or leverage for material gain.  MP3 transcodes are OK, as long as this info file in included.  Above all, enjoy the music!  -lammah


In addition here's a link to some pre-gig chatter, labelled as before Viv Albertine's set, but most likely actually before The Raincoats proper, featuring the Raincoats principals.

PRE-GIG (pCloud)

Our effort (songs 11+13-17)

You can grab a DVD version of this, too.

LaBellie Vie vids

You're A Million

Only Loved At Night

In Love

Lola [The Kinks]

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