Weird Al Yankovic - Warfield - 2010-08-10

Dare To Be Stupid (jeffreyk)
In hopefully what proves to be the first of a series of surprises I have in store for you, I'm happy to report that I managed to take a break from my critical faculties and back in August attended the show for one Alfred Matthew Yankovic.  Most of you know him as "Weird Al."  I've been a fan of his for ages, ever since I saw his "Eat It" parody back in the '80s.  I also appreciate that Weird Al was one of the first musicians to embrace the Internet, and presently maintains a Twitter feed well worth following.  I took my 12 year old son, and had an extra ticket since the oldest didn't want to go since he had been having problems with his ears ever since we flew to Florida on a vacation the month before, so I offered my ticket to a quite appreciative co-worker whom I knew was a big fan. 
Canadian Idiot (wak209)
 Of course, Weird Al was great, and the show was really entertaining.  There were quite a few of linking segments mostly featuring "Al TV" clips with his faux-interviews which you can find online.  This gave him a chance for him and his entourage to change outfits, which as you can see from the above snaps, they did quite often.
Anyway, without much further ado...my recording, taped from about a dozen rows or so up in the center of the balcony. .

The Saga Begins (beckerbuns)

This was the first outing of my Sony PCM-M10, using the built-in microphones.  It came out all right, though the stereo image is pretty narrow and it sounds muffled since I was basically holding it at my lap.  The person you hear throughout is the aforementioned co-worker, who thoroughly enjoyed himself.

Weird Al Yankovic
The Warfield
San Francisco CA

taper: lammah
equipment:  Sony PCM-M10 (built-in mics)


intro  [1:50]
Polka Face (medley) [4:57]
Frank's 2000" TV  [4:54]
You Don't Love Me Anymore  [4:24]
[AL TV - Eninem] [ 3:26]
Smells Like Nirvana  [3:49]
[AL TV - Robert Plant]  [3:00]
Skipper Dan  [4:12]
[AL TV - Jessica Simpson]  [4:11]
You're Pitiful  [3:25]
[AL TV - Wheel Of Fish, Madonna]  [2:58]
Dare To Be Stupid  [3:57]
[AL ON TV 1]  [2:31]
CNR  [3:55]
Let Me Be Your Hog  [1:09]
Canadian Idiot  [2:35]
[AL TV - Avril Lavigne, Germs]  [2:47]
Wanna B Ur Lover  [6:29]
[Weird Al Biopic]  [2:40]
Money For Nothing / Beverly Hillbillies / Whatever You Like /
 I'm In Luv Wit Da Skipper / Confessions Part III / Ebay /
 Bedrock Anthem / Another One Rides The Bus / Ode To A
 Superhero / Trapped In The Drive-Thru / Gump / Eat It
 (medley)  [16:48]
[AL ON TV 2]  [3:43]
Craigslist  [5:07]
[AL ON TV 3]  [3:08]
Amish Paradise  [3:35]
[AL TV - Celine Dion]  [3:26]
White and Nerdy  [4:55]
Fat  [6:16]
pre-encore cheering  [2:11]
We All Have Cell Phones [2:21]
The Saga Begins  [6:33]
Yoda  [8:49]

TOTAL 134m 17s

As a bonus, I've included a few clips shot with my iPhone 4.  One of them is footage of Weird Al riding a Segway on stage at the start of 'White And Nerdy'.

And here's Weird Al in his fat suit performing...guess...

Telling us just like it is...let's get real!

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