Crocodiles - 2010-07-01 - The Echo, Los Angeles

MarkB:  "Here's my Crocodiles recording who opened and blew away Dum Dum Girls (as much as I love DDG they probably shouldn't have been on the same bill but the bands are friends and appeared on a comp 7" together). My recomendation is to listen to DDG first then Crocs. I'm really proud of this recording and my ears are still ringing two days later!"

The Echo
Los Angeles, CA
Recorded by MarkB (bcingyou)

M-Audio MicrotrackII + Sony ECM990-F>WAV(44.1/16bit)>CD Wave Editor track split> FLAC level 8

1.  Neon Jesus
2.  Sleep Forever
3.  Summer Of Hate
4.  Mirrors
5.  Hollow Hollow Eyes
6.  Hearts Of Love
7.  Stoned To Death
8.  I Wanna Kill

Total time 34:07

I caught them the following month at 330 Ritch St. in San Francisco and in conjunction with Tomzero, put up a blended version of our recordings.  These will be making your way shortly.

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