Wax Idols - 2011-12-03 - TFT004 Oakland CA

Wax Idols
Oakland CA

taper: thehappyone
equipment: Olympus LS-5 w/built-ins


Dead Like You
William Says
Human Condition
Hotel Room
Gold Sneakers
Grey Area
All Too Human
Romeo's Distress [Christian Death], with Corey Cunningham of Terry Malts on guitar

Lossless FLAC files (Bittorrent)

Romeo's Distress

(For some reason, this video got quite a few dislikes from the YouTube peanut gallery.  I just don't get it.  This is an outstanding cover of the Christian Death classic. ) 

The last of the four bands to play at the Time Keeping Time 004 event.  Man, I've been drawing that show out. 

Not much in my notes I made right after I saw Wax Idols in this godforsaken place seems to be suitable for public consumption.  I've been quite a follower of this particular group, but this was the first show of theirs I had seen since they toured the US last October, and it was readily apparent how much more tight the group had become as a result of playing places like Marfa, TX or Raleigh, NC.  So once again, I'll let the recording speak for itself and keep my blathering to a minimum, and point you all to Hether's Twitter feed, which is not for the faint of heart or easily offended, but is always guaranteed to engender some reaction if you're not undead, and maybe even still if you are.

If you have any spare dollars for the cause, please buy a copy of the album here.

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