A new direction: Torrent time

I went ahead and set up a Bittorrent tracker for all my future lossless filesharing.

You can access it here:

This is open to all, but you'll need to sign up, and of course, you have to of course be familiar with using torrents.  This will also allow others who have similar tastes to share.  If you're wondering, yes, I do post to DIME, but I want to have my own rules, though most of DIME's happen to be very sensible.

I will still endeavor to update the blog, but will most likely use it to just provide audio samples and video footage.

There's a few things there one there now, for the most recent postings.  Enjoy.  As I get time over the course of the next few weeks, I'll be adding additional recordings of mine to the tracker.  And if you have anything you want to share that's a recording of independent origin (I don't want anything which I can buy), I invite you to add it!

If you want an RSS detail feed of the torrent uppings, go here:

If you just want the download-only links:

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