Blasted Canyons - 2011-12-15 - Thee Parkside SF (Positive Destruction presents)

Poster designed by Greer of The Mallard

It's about time I get the next series of posts one out of my back pocket.  "Expertly curated" indeed, the sounds of these groops (three local, one from Portland) complimented each other like peanut butter and jelly and/or a Parkside $6 PBR and whisky special with a pickleback chaser.

Presented in backwards order...this is the first of several posts to cover that night.

Matt from Blasted Canyons had point-blank announced they could never hope to top the two-drummers-and-keyboard onslaught of Hot Victory, but damn me if they didn't try their hardest to drill their sci-fi tinged psych-synth-punk-(ga)rage into everyone's heads in the process, indeed sounding like WWIII by the end of their first tune, a previously-unheard two part jam in the key of awesome.

Holy spawn of Cthlulu these kids can rage...and the master of disguise Finken looks different every single time I see him, wonder how he pulls that off.

Note:  'Blood On The Wall' was dedicated by Hether to Jay Bronzini, who had sadly passed away a few days before.

Dual-source audience blend, made with Olympus LS-5 sitting on Byron of Pow!'s guitar case and my partner in crime's Sonic Studios DSM-6s/L's > Edirol R-09HR.


instrumental jam > Manson Eyes 
Fries Yr Eyes
Consider Drowning
Death and a Half
Liquid Fiend
Lasers vs Lizards
Ice Cream Man
Blood On The Wall

Download the full set from the Incubation bittorrent tracker

Or better yet, here's a video of the whole thing!  Cue to about 12:00 if you just want the songs and don't want to sit through the quite interesting lecture playing over the PA about the dangers of LSD.

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