Hot Victory - 2011-12-15 - Thee Parkside SF (Positive Destruction Presents)

Hot Victory
Thee Parkside SF

From my friend's Sonic Studios DSM-6s/L's > Edirol R-09HR


? x 7

A man and women on drums, with a keyboardist, and pretty much unlike anything I've seen before.  A complete space-out celestial sphere drum circle freakout is the best description I can give it, but I'm a bit tired, and probably amnot giving them the justice they deserve.

It looks like they'll be playing a couple of shows with Blasted Canyons up in Portland and Tacoma in late March.  I'm not sure how legit this is as H.Fortune did mention she was seeing listings of shows that BC knew about or hadn't agreed to play.

If anybody can supply track names to these interstellar jams, that would be very helpful to the cause.

Link to complete audio recording on Incubation bittorrent tracker.

Here's video of the last 4:00 of their set:

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