Thee Oh Sees - 2010-07-01 - Eagle Tavern SF

The final 2010 performance I have of Thee Oh Sees.
Enter one of the most exciting bands around, and my first personal exposure to the fabtastic Thee Oh Sees.  Prior to this I have not been much of a garage fan (the joke was that the "b" is silent), but I am now...the only thing silent now is any criticism about just going out and having a slamming good time listening to some good old rock n' roll.

I have no idea why I haven't put this up until now, at the time I was so blown away by the subsequent Serra Bowl show that I hadn't given this show the attention it deserved.  The first seven songs provided one hell of a wallop...only the relatively slower-tempoed 'Crack In Your Eye' in the set to provide a bit of release for the garage onslaught.

Recorded with dual Edirols R-09HR and Sonic Studio DSM mics. 

The video linked below will give you a good idea of the sheer energy one of their shows produces, and the Eagle Tavern is about as good a place to see them as you could come up with.  It's the kind of place where you have to go through the stage to get to the bathroom.


Tidal Wave
Block Of Ice
Ghost In The Trees
Enemy Destruct
Meat Step Lively
I Was Denied
Crack In Your Eye

Audio, on Megaupload:

[link online, please request]


Video, on YouTube:


  1. Thanks for this recording! I love the these guys every time I see them.

  2. thank you thank you thank you. more Oh Sees live recordings need to exist in this world.