The Soft Moon - February 2011 shows

 The Soft Moon , Noise Pop 2011.  RIP Luis.

February 2011 was a fairly busy month for me (so busy I forgot that 2010 had passed, apologies for the incorrect labelling!), so I didn't have much in the way of downtime to catch my fellow readers/viewers/listeners up to some of my recent exploits.  So there will be a series of nightly posts which should allow me to catch up.

By far, one of the best discoveries of the past few years have to be The Soft Moon.  Led by Luis Vasquez, and also featuring Justin Anastassi (who also plays in Veil Veil Vanish) on bass and Damon Way on keyboards, they have astonished listeners and electrified audiences since they appeared out of the blue to claim the legacy for darkwave music in San Francisco set forth by bands like Chrome and Tuxedomoon (obscuros would also throw in Swell, but even I haven't heard any of their work).  But I ultimately think they have their own unique sound and approach, you'll just have to listen and form your own opinions.

You can go to a hundred other places if you want to get your fill in for superlative reviews; all I can tell you is that the moment I heard their self-titled album, I knew they were going to be something special.  And it doesn't hurt to be on one of the hottest labels presently operating, Captured Tracks.  If the hairs on the back of your neck don't stand up for "Into The Depths" and "We Are We", check your pulse, it has stopped.  And as amazing as their recorded output is, they're even better live, if you can believe it.

Anyway, I have several recordings to feature here, so without further ado, here they are.


Into The Depths
 Dead Love
 Breathe The Fire
We Are We
Out Of Time
 Tiny Spiders 

2011-02-06  The Echo  Los Angeles CA

taper: bcingyou, Sony ECM-990F > M-Audio Microtrack II (audio)
Kodak Zi8 (video) (720p, synced to above audio source)

(on YouTube)

Alternate version of Circles (0ariana0maria0)

2011-02-10  Milk Bar  San Francisco CA

taper: TH1, Sony PCM-M10 built in mics 
Flip UltraHD (video) (720p, above audio source synced to digicam audio)

(on YouTube)

 Alternate version of Into The Depths (blaire789, 22s)
 Alternate version of Dead Love (fuhserous, iPhone '8mm' app)
 Alternate version of Circles (phantonleader, HD)
 Alternate version of Breathe The Fire (bobduvet)

2011-02-25  Noise Pop  Cafe Du Nord  San Francisco CA

tapers: TZ0 + TH1 blend, Sonic Studios DSM mics (audio)
Flip UltraHD (720p video), synced to audio source

All known footage of The Soft Moon is linked here.

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  1. A different setlist, including When It's Over, at the 4March2011 Echoplex, L.A. show opening for Autolux. Please notify this blog of any recordings from any of the recent SoCal shows (Echoplex, Detroit Bar in Costa Mesa and Casbah in San Diego). Only a forensics recording has surfaced of Echoplex show as I sadly was unable to record. Stay Dark! - bcingyou