Wax Idols - Noisepop and Knockout shows


(you know you want to!)

I'm going out on a limb here.

I just pledged thirty simoleans for the Wax Idols album on Kickstarter, and am hoping that somebody goes for the gold and pledges the $200 to snag the free show.  It's totally worth it!  I'd do it except that I'm out in the cultural wasteland known as the Peninsula and don't think it would be very cool to drag anybody out here against their will.

The money was well worth it considering the strength of their material...I had the good fortune (no pun intended) of catching Hether's other group, Blasted Canyons, whom I caught opening for Thee Oh Sees at the Eagle Tavern last November) and being blown away by her stage presence and the juggernaut of "Ice Cream Man".  It's not enough to have looks, you need the chops, and the force of will to preserve in the face of indifference and sometimes even outright hostility so mad props for making music that matters.

So we showed up early to catch their Noise Pop set, which I was looking forward to, since we couldn't get in to the sold-out Weekend show at the Hemlock Tavern (which Wax Idols opened), and were disappointed by the fact that everybody seems like to arrive late to these Noise Pop shows.  Well, their loss...the SF Weekly reviewer didn't even mention them, so I guess he was one of the ones who who missed out, I won't bother to link his write-up, as it's complete garbage. 

We caught them again a couple of weeks later at the Knockout in the Mission and were rewarded with a great set.  Was really cool to stand next to Tamaryn, though I was way too shy to actually say something to her (or Heather for that matter) that wouldn't have sounded stupid, besides "thanks".

Hether Fortune (and group) shine on...

Wax Idols
Noise Pop
Cafe Du Nord
San Francisco CA

Recorded with dual Sonic Studios mics
and blended with an old version of Adobe
Audition.  Linked files feature video
shot with my Flip Ultra HD which was off
to one side, though I held it later on
as somebody almost knocked it over.


Bad Pajamas
Gold Sneakers
Sand In My Joins [Wire]
All Too Human

Wax Idols
The Knockout
San Francisco CA

Recorded with Sony PCM-M10 with built-in
mics and Sonic Studios mics plugged into
an Edirol R-09HR and blended together with
an old version of Adobe Audition.

My attempt at video is best described as
an abject failure.


Gold Sneakers
Hotel Room
Sand In My Joints [Wire]
Bad Pajamas
Dead Like You
Human Condition

NOTE:  If you download these, please be generous and donate to the group and help them make their album, because I want to hear it! 

We've listened to our live recordings quite a bit (my compatriot almost never does this after he tapes a show)...and now you can listen to this too...normally, I wouldn't put out pre-release material in this way (and expect that I will have to remove it very soon) but this is too good to keep under wraps, seriously!

We also recorded opening act Jealousy...the only song we could ID was the last one "Palm Tree".  Really liked the reel-to-reel that took them like forever to set up, though I'm not sure if it was merely a prop or actually was used for the background noises.   
Grand stuff.


  1. Liking these! Made a donation to the record too.

  2. Crashingbeat, thanks man.

    Some more stuff to check out.

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  3. They are awesome. Tough, sleazy, sexy, assertive, and smart rock and roll from one of the best bands in the Bay Area in a long time. I donated to their record too. Will be thinking of donating more to snag that free show!

  4. Wax Idols - 2011-02-25 - Noise Pop - Club Du Nord SF

    Wax Idols - 2011-03-12 - Knockout SF

    Jealousy - 2011-03-12 - Knockout SF