Best Coast - 2010-10-26 - Great American Music Hall SF

Thanks to Julie W. for the above pics

One of 2010's so-called "buzz bands", Best Coast has been riding a wave of (mostly-deserved) hype, with Bethany Constantino appearing #4 on NME's coolest-of-2010 or somesuch.  The Great American was sold out in advance, and a lot of the concert-goers were younger than the band.  I had bought "Crazy For You" a month prior to the show on the strength of unforgettable, catchy songs like "Boyfriend" and "When I'm With You".

The last time Best Coast had appeared at the GAMH, it was to open for Camera Obscura.  Sadly, I missed this show, but I did tape them opening for Vivian Girls (see below)...

We were amazed to be treated to no less than 23 songs, which I imagine is probably almost all of their song catalogue presently.  We saw Bobb Bruno at the merch desk beforehand (to illustrate how unassuming he is to even man it as a part of the headlining act), but I didn't feel brave enough to approach him for some odd reason, maybe because he's so unassuming, it would feel like imposing.

Anyway, near the end of the set, the kids got rowdy.  There was even a stage diver at one point. 

SF Weekly's blog gives a good account which you can read here.

Recording after the jump...

Best Coast
Great American Music Hall
San Francisco CA

source: dual-audience recording (thehappyone+tomzero), blended together

tracklist:  Bratty B / Crazy For You / Sun Was High (So Was I) / Goodbye / The End / So Gone / Boyfriend / Summer Mood / Make You Mine / Far Away / Our Deal / Sunny Adventure [debut!] / Honey / This Is Real / When The Sun Don't Shine / (instrumental bit) / Wish He Was You / That's The Way Boys Are [Lesley Gore] / I Want To / When I'm With You / Something In The Way 

...encore: Up All Night / Over The Ocean / (breakdown) / Each And Every Day

(linked tracks above constitute the available YouTube footage)

Here's the photos taken during this show...

As a bonus, I had taped Best Coast opening for Vivian Girls back in February at the Bottom Of The Hill.  Due to a technical defect caused by not pressing the record button, I only have the opening acts and not the headliner.

Best Coast
Bottom Of The Hill
San Francisco CA

source: thehappyone (Sonic Studios DSM-6/L > Edirol R-09HR)

tracklist:  When I'm With You / Wish He Was With You / Sun Was High (So Was I) / Feeling Of Love / That's The Way Boys Are [Lesley Gore] / So Gone / Crazy For You / Make You Mine / This Is Real / Happy / Something In The Way

Sacramento's The Bananas were the first act on, playing a kind of riffy pop-punk.  I distinctly remember these guys were funny and more than a bit shambolic, but were very good.  Particularly enjoyed the frontman's 'Italian Stallion' shirt.

The Bananas
Bottom Of The Hill 
San Francisco CA

source: thehappyone, as above

tracklist:  soundchecking / intro / ? / ? / 4AM / ? / Radio Action / Mercenary / ? / Feel Better / New Animals / Break Your Heart / Nautical Theme

Apologies for not being better able to identify the tracks.

Photos of the BOTH sets, including Vivian Girls, which I wasn't able to tape for technical reasons.

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