2008-11-16 - Part Time Punks Festival, The Echo LA (Part 2)

Part Time Punks Festival
Sunday, November 16, 2008 
(Part 2) 

The Muslims  
(right before they changed their names to The Soft Pack)

00 soundcheck, opening jam  [0:56]
01 On My Time               [1:47]
02 Right and Wrong          [4:18]
03 Besides Myself           [3:06]
04 Extinction               [2:53]
05 Answer To Yourself       [3:44]
06 ?                        [2:21]
07 Parasites                [4:53]

Total 23:58

DOWNLOAD / The Muslims (pCloud)

Daytime Television

Without their normal singer, who was out with a cold....

01 Teenage Kicks [The Undertones]               [2:54]
02 'the dog ate our lead singer'                [1:44]
03 Everybody's Happy Now [Buzzcocks]            [4:05]
04 Part Time Punks  [Television Personalities]  [3:19]
Total 12:02
I procured the video for "Everybody's Happy Now", which was online and synced it up with my audio as the original capture (from Lyndsey Parker) was distorted....

DOWNLOAD / Daytime Television (pCloud)

Bonus:  Live footage from The Nightengales, also from Lyndsey Parker.

As well as Love Is All...too bad the audio is distorted....

As finally, Mika Miko....this time from David (bossharmony) Orlando.  This is frankly brilliant (maybe the best 23 seconds you'll ever spend watching something on YouTube)....I'm bummed that I somehow missed their performance, again, probably got there too late....

Onto Part 3...

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