Part Time Punks Festival 2008 - ACR + Savage Republic (pt. 4)


A Certain Ratio
Part Time Punks Festival
The Echoplex
Los Angeles CA
Recorded by thehappyone, using an Edirol R-09HR with built-in mics.
00 intro  [2:55]
01 Choir ~ Waterline ~ Do The Du (medley)  [6:05]
02 I Feel Light  [4:37]
03 And Then Agan  [3:08]
04 Flight  [6:15]
05 Rialto  [3:59]
06 Mind Made Up  [5:45]
07 Way To Escape  [4:18]
08 Everything Is Good  [4:45]
09 Wild Party   [4:07]
10 Wonder Y  [6:28]
11 Shack Up  [5:01]
12 Heart And Soul [Joy Division]  [6:22]
13 Si Firmir O Grido  [5:51]
Total 69:36 

Outstanding set from arguably Factory Records' most influential band, barring a certain Godlike Genius that knows how to strum a chord or three, or a half-Salford/half-Macclesfield beat band of some renown...whom they pay homage to by covering one of their songs.  
A real coup for Part Time Punks to bring them to the last gig they played in the States.  Was of course front and center for this one, and this recording has made the rounds before but is to this day one of my favorites and I still listen to it from time to time.

The photo montage is made up of my original super-blurry photos, some more of which are below.
For professionally-taken pictures, I direct you to the Los Anjealous archive for this show.
(download & listen to on pCloud)

 Shack Up, LyndseyParker vid synched with my audio

 Do The Du (HotPantsDiva)


Flight (bossharmony)

Savage Republic
Part Time Punks Festival
The Echo (upstairs)
Los Angeles CA
Recorded by thehappyone, using an Edirol R-09HR with built-in mics.
01 Andelusia  [4:23]
02 Sword Fighter  [3:25]
03 Mobilization  [3:58]
04 Siege  [4:32]
05 Siam  [7:00]
06 Tabula Rasa  [8:16]
07 1938  [4:30]
08 The Hanging Garden [The Cure]  [5:34]
Total 41:38
The band had recorded the Cure cover for a French compilation as part of Fear Drop Magazine...and decided to play it live.  Be thankful it wasn't Love Cats!   They also played selections from then-release 1938 as well as some 80's dirges.  Was a tough choice between them and Pylon playing at the same time below them, but since I figured I was going to see them in SF at the Independent (which I did), I'd catch Thom and band instead...not sure it was the correct decision given these would be Pylon's final shows, but hey, that's life...
(listen to or download my audio recording on pCloud)

Unfortunately, there's no photos or video footage of their PTP Fest Nov 2008 set, but urckrecords did film a few songs in the same venue 11 months earlier, with a board feed, too...so these sound like you're right there beating on the 55 gallon oil drum.  Enjoy!




 Tabula Rasa

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