Part Time Punks Festival 2008 - PYLON - M Train + Medium Medium (pt 3.)

Screen capture of Lyndsey Parker's footage

A random item from the AMH archive, before I start in again on all my old recordings....

"M Train" -- Live @ Part Time Punks Festival - 16 November 2008  [256kbit MP3]

One of the last times the band played live before the unfortunate passing of guitarist Randy Bewley a scant few months afterwards.

I had been upstairs catching Savage Republic, as I figured since I had tickets a couple of nights later at The Independent, I could catch Pylon then...however, after SR wrapped up, I was able to see them perform their encore, M Train.  After witnessing the excitement surrounding them,  I wish I had stayed downstairs for the entire set....but did see it in full a couple days later back in San Francisco (as well as a produce a recording) which will appear in due time.

There's some footage online, including an amusing one where someone jumps onstage to join Vanessa...but the audio quality is subpar, so I'll leave it to your web searching skills to find more of these.

Medium Medium (who had played with them at the first Part Time Punks fest) for the following year opened their set with a heartfelt tribute to Pylon, which you can watch here...the video's pretty compressed, but is a very good listen and a brilliant cover.

And here's their 2008 set.

Medium Medium
'Part Time Punks' festival
The Echo
Los Angeles, CA USA

taper: lammah
equipment:  Edirol R-09HR > Adobe Audition 1.5 (EQ/limiting) > CD Wave (tracksplits) > FLAC(6)


01.  Further Than Funk Dream    6:39
02.  Nadsat Dream               4:30
03.  Serbian Village            6:54
04.  Mice Or Monsters           6:37
05.  Off We Go                  6:49
06.  Them Or Me                 5:03
07.  7th Floor                  4:04
08.  Hungry, So Angry           5:17
09.  Guru Maharaji             10:04

Total                          56:02


A band that I had not heard of previously, who ended up greatly impressing me, especially the guitarist, who had a style just right of Andy Gill's.  Turns out they were another early-80s outfit that had only modest initial success before calling it a day but for whatever reason or another deciding to make another go of it.  In any event, a good pairing for Pylon and (later on) ACR.

Like all my PTP recordings, bass-overloaded, but nothing that a good re-EQ couldn't fix.

A bit of annoying chatter during the middle of 'Further Than Funk Dream' but otherwise a satisfying listen.

    DOWNLOAD / Medium Medium live set
Note, three of the tracks "Off We Go", "Hungry, So Angry", and "Guru Maharaji" were officially  released on the "Fluxus & Funk" release put up by Kommissar Hjuler.

Finally, here's a live portion of "Nadsat Dream" from this performance, originally filmed by Lyndsey Parker, but with audio synced against my recording....

And finally, Part 4...

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