2008-11-16 - Part Time Punks Festival, The Echo LA (Part 1)


Part Time Punks
Sunday, November 16, 2008 
(Part 1)

I traveled all the way down from SF to catch A Certain Ratio, which to date has not come back to the West Coast, so glad that I did.  What's remarkable isn't who I saw but who I didn't see.  Namely:  The Nightingales, Nervous Gender, Vivian Girls, Mika Miko, Warpaint, The Urinals, Magic Bullets (who I did catch a few times the following year) and Ben White (otherwise known as Benny Shambles) Softboiled Eggies, nor do I remember any of the DJs...and only saw the encore track (M-Train) from Pylon.  Luckily I caught them in SF a few days later, their penultimate performance before guitarist Randy Bewley sadly and suddenly passed away.  
The good news though is that I missed Ariel Pink, that I do not regret!

First up, Grimble Grumble.  I came in midway through their set and only captured several songs (forst two unidentified), the last being a cover of "Here Come The Warm Jets" by Brian Eno, and then outro music of the Chills' amazing 'Pink Frost'.

(photo from LosAnJealous)

DOWNLOAD / Grimble Grumble live set (pCloud)

And then, Wild Stares.  When researching this, I learned that they just released an album last October ("Automatic Writing Machine"), based on an album they started working on this very show.  It's actually excellent.

Check out their Bandcamp to listen.

I still need to identify a number of tracks, only have three of them named:

Setlist, missing titles provided from Justin in the band...

00  intro                [0:33]
01  Sport Of Kings       [4:59]
02  Looking 4 U          [2:37]
03  Babies Falling       [3:56]
04  The Long March       [6:08]
05  The China Song       [3:28]
06  Like a Sparrow       [6:08]
07  Piece of the Picture [5:34]
08  Motor Drive          [5:20]
09  Fleshtones           [3:49]
10  outro                [0:47]
(photo from LosAnJealous)

DOWNLOAD / The Wild Stares live set (pCloud)

Both sets were recorded with an Edirol R09-HR with built-in mics, which did a pretty good job for what they are.

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