Paige Heimsoth - 2008-11-02 - Edinburgh Castle, SF

Photo from Studio One Reading Series

Paige Heimsoth
Edinburgh Castle
San Francisco CA

Don't think this has been shared before.
Taped as a favor for my ex-coworker and friend Jason D.


01 The Circus (soundcheck)  [4:45]
02 Cold Concrete Slab  [7:03]
03 Big Bull Horn  [5:33]
04 Can't Run Away  [5:08]
05 Drink Up  [4:23]
06 Ships Sailing Away  [5:38]
07 Mandi From LA (interlude)  [2:32]
08 Under Chandeliers  [5:41]
09 Cat Out Of The Bag  [5:52]
10 Nothing  [5:48]
11 Babydoll  [3:45]
12 Broken  [5:06]
13 The Circus  [5:13]

Total  [66:27]

I remember very little from this show, unfortunately. 
Wow, my quip after "Under Chandeliers" was pretty off-color this or any other time of month.  She mentioned at the end that she didn't bring any CDs, so couldn't buy anything to help support her.

Here self-titled debut EP can be heard/streamed here.

On Discogs, her 2005 "Whisky Was The Medicine" can be viewed as a release from 'Paige(12)'.  I bought one of the two copies for sale.  That will allow me to better flesh out the entry on the site which among other things is missing artwork.
2008's "Under Chandeliers" has no such entry.  I will remedy that once my CD arrives.
Update:  now done
Paige is not on Bandcamp, at least for her solo efforts.  In fact, the link to the Studio One Reading Series is the only information about her that I could find.

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