Part Time Punks Festival 2009 - Viv Albertine (pt. 4)


Viv Albertine
'Part Time Punks' Festival
The Echo
Los Angeles CA

taper:     lammah
kit:        Sonic Studios DSM-6/L mics > Edirol R-09HR
location:  Right in front of Viv


01 - Viv Albertine intro    1:19
02 - Don't Believe          4:35
03 - Never Come             3:18
04 - Boy                    3:02
05 - The False Heart        4:48
06 - Hookup Girl            3:22
07 - 'Punk Times'(Viv chat) 3:39
08 - Void                   4:26
09 - Confessions of a MILF  5:39

Total 34:12

This was pretty special, it shouldn't surprise anyone in the least that both Ana and Gina from the Raincoats were in the audience.  In fact before this, I let Gina past me so she could film the set.  You can hear Gina right at the start tell Viv how beautiful she looks...she does indeed look amazing considering she's 54 now(!).  There's a couple of dim photos of them included.

Hearing her talk about Sid Vicious offering to give her an orgasm (which she claims she took a raincheck on) and how Vivienne Westwood used to be a schoolteacher was way more entertaining than reading about in some Jon Savage tome[1]...and "Confessions of a MILF"...funniest song title ever.

About as good as you can hope for in a recording too, except for the clown who you can hear between songs laughing and yelling right into the mic.  Wait, that's me!  Sorry.

Remember, kids.

* Please don't sell or or otherwise leverage for material gain.

* I'm OK with MP3 transcodes (not on DIME itself of course) as long as this info file and/or reference to the original seed is retained

* Above all, enjoy this, and support the artists by seeing them perform, and purchasing their merchandise.  Viv's EP is really good, definitely check it out if you liked this.

[1] 2023 addition - "Certainly, no offense meant to Jon with that".  This was the contents of info file shared when I originally made this recording available.  Don't know if I can add too much to this besides that this is as brilliant then as it was then, even if her playing was a bit rudimentary given her relatively long break from music.


In addition, I upped a full video of her performance, in what must have been in glorious 15fps 480p.  

No idea of how this only has an aggregate of less than 200 views.  And I upped this relatively recently (Feb 2019).

Great conversation with Gina Birch prior to the start of this show...also have a bit of a chat with Ana DaSilva...coming up in the next segment..

...split in two parts.

Part One ... Don't Believe through Hookup Girl

Part Two ... Viv monologue / Void / Confessions Of A MILF


Alternate video of "Void"

Part Time Punks Festival 2009 - The Raincoats (pt. 5)

Gang Of Four's Hugo Burnham looks on...

The Raincoats
'Part Time Punks'
The Echoplex
Los Angeles, CA

taper:     lammah

lineage:   Sonic Studios DSM-6/L > Edirol R-09HR >
           Adobe Audition [compression/normalizing/
       downsampling/tracksplits] > FLAC(6)


01  No Side To Fall In        3:10
02  No Looking                3:13
03  You're A Million          4:10
04  Shouting Out Loud         5:51
05  Don't Be Mean             5:34
06                            4:09
07  Babydog                   5:28
08  City Girl (band intros)   1:58
09  City Girl                 7:07
10  Only Loved At Night       4:25
11  No One's Little Girl      4:38
12  The Void                  5:12
13  Viv Albertine intro /
    Adventures Close To...
    (breakdowns)              3:28
14  Adventures Close To Home  4:32
15  Lola  [The Kinks]         7:00
16  In Love                   3:19
17  Fairy Tale In The
    Supermarket               3:51

total 77:14

Pics by Ned Raggett

Their first LA performance ever!

This recording is probably on par with the other recordings I did on the downstairs stage, but instead of being taped 'down in front', I was in front of the stage left speaker stack, with relatively few obstructions, so technically it's  probably the best recording I've ever done.

The Raincoats were somewhat more shambolic here than in SF, but c'mon, this is not Yes we're talking about.  Took them a couple of times to get Adventures Close To Home going, Gina kept flubbing the bass intro.  "Sack the bassist" she cries after the second attempt went south.  'Only Loved At Night' is just one of those songs...

Right before Viv Albertine came on for her set, I had a chance to briefly chat with Gina Birch...who had videoed her entire performance.

Any help ID'ing track 6 appreciated!

A few photos, including one of Hugo from Gang Of four, thrown  in.


Do not sell or leverage for material gain.  MP3 transcodes are OK, as long as this info file in included.  Above all, enjoy the music!  -lammah


In addition here's a link to some pre-gig chatter, labelled as before Viv Albertine's set, but most likely actually before The Raincoats proper, featuring the Raincoats principals.

PRE-GIG (pCloud)

Our effort (songs 11+13-17)

You can grab a DVD version of this, too.

LaBellie Vie vids

You're A Million

Only Loved At Night

In Love

Lola [The Kinks]

Part Time Punks Festival 2009 - Section 25 (pt. 3)

Section 25
'Part Time Punks' festival
The Echoplex LA

taper: lammah
equip: Sonic Studios DSM-6/L > Edirol R-09HR
locat: Right in front
mstrg: 48/32 WAV > Adobe Audition 1.5 [compression/limiting on claps/normalization/re-EQ/tracking] > FLAC


00 Intro (synth from 'New Horizon')   1:12
01 Gene                               9:02
02 Friendly Fires                     4:24
03 Wretch                             4:05
04 Charnel Ground                     4:01
05 Warsaw [Joy Division]              3:56
06 Looking From A Hilltop             5:53
07 Up To You                          3:09
08 Poppy Fields                       6:05
09 Dirty Disco                        6:07

TOTAL                               +47:58

Blackpool's very own, in their first LA appearance in nigh-on 25 years.

This recording is dominated by the riffing of new guitarist Steve Stringer...whom even if you don't rate his playing, is a great name for a guitarist, about as good as Lindsay Thrasher from the much-missed Vomit Launch.  He was a bit unsteady at the start of 'Charnel Ground' which seems to be a new oldie that the group brought out to play, but as you can hear, sounds good otherwise.  You can hear Larry on harmonica(!) during encore Dirty Disco.  An extended version of Gene as it took the elder Cassidy a few minutes to come out.

Includes some good pictures from my friend Mark.  The man at the DJ booth is none other than James Nice of LTM fame, whom we had the chance to meet.  My favorite picture is this one, which captures both Cassidy brothers in their element.

Cassidy Bros in action...RIP Larry


* Please don't sell or leverage for material gain.  
* MP3 transcodes (not on DIME of course) are permitted, but please include this info file
* Above all, enjoy the music!  

A couple of pics from Ned...  #1  #2




Part Time Punks Festival 2009 - Medium Medium + Savage Republic (pt. 2)

Medium Medium
'Part Time Punks' festival
The Echoplex LA

taper: lammah
equip: Sonic Studios DSM-6/L > Edirol R-09HR
locat: Right in front
mstrg: 48/32 WAV > Adobe Audition 1.5 [compression/limiting on claps/normalization/re-EQ/tracking] > FLAC

01 (You Got Me) Dangling On A String 5:35
02 Nadsat Dream 4:03
03 M Train [Pylon, in memory of Randy Bewley] 5:55
04 Serbian Village 6:48
05 Let It Breathe 4:50
06 Mice Or Monsters 6:24
07 Further Than Funk Dream 7:25
08 Hungry, So Angry 6:25
TOTAL        47:27

I taped this group at the very same location last year. If anything, I found them even more enjoyable the second time around! One of the finest UK indie-funk groups to ever grace our shores. They covered Pylon's "M Train", in memory of Randy Bewley their guitarist who passed away last year. I was lucky to have saw them (briefly) at PTP last year and at their penultimate gig at the Independent in SF a couple of days after.

And I was lucky to see the Medium Medium guys play here...unlike the previous year Andy Ryder was all in black instead of his typical all-white garb. Amazingly, since their reformation, they have *only* played Stateside...and not often, only a half-dozen or so times at most.

If I must say so, this is a superb recording, one of the best I've ever done. Spent quite a bit on time in "post", it's worth it.

Included some good pictures from my friend Mark and some not-so-good iPhone blurrage from myself.  As well as a pic by Ned Raggett.

* Please don't sell or leverage for material gain.  
* MP3 transcodes (not on DIME of course) are permitted, but please include this info file
* Above all, enjoy the music!  Visit http://www.mediummedium.com to see a video of "M-Train"
  as well as to check out the copious samples of live/rare material.  Buy their album!


And a very brief video clip not seen previously.  It's only one second long. :-)

Part Time Punks Festival 2009 - Shark Toys + Abe Vigoda + The Intelligence (pt. 1)

The Intelligence

Presenting these in reverse order, as that presentation makes the most sense for these.  At least to me.

The Intelligence
Part Time Punks Festival
The Echoplex
Los Angeles CA 

taper: bcingyou, using Sony ECM-990F > M-Audio Microtrack II.

01 intro / The Universe
02 Nice Tries
03 Debt & ESP
04 Dating Cops, busted snare, joke
05 Thank You God For Fixing The Tape Machine
06 The World Is A Drag
07 Tuned To Puke
08 Block Of Ice  [Thee Oh Sees]
09 Like Like Like Like Like Like Like
10 Black Hole [The Urinals]
11 The Unessential Cosmic Perspective
12 outro

INTELLIGENCE (bcingyou recording, pCloud)

An assemblage of video clips synced from my friend's Kodak Easyshare, maybe also incorporate footage from my iPhone?

The Intelligence from the 'Part Time Punks' fest at the Echo in LA on October 11th, 2009, featuring Lars Finberg and cohorts. Two brief clips, joined together....including "The World Is A Drag" [0:00], "Like Like Like Like Like Like Like" [1:18], "Black Hole", a Urinals cover [3:14], and their last song, The Unessential Cosmic Perspective [4:34]

DVD d/l of above.


Part Time Punks Mini-Fest SF - 2009

Going in performance (forward) order....this is an archival record of everything that I've turned up for this show.

To date, no footage or recordings appear to exist for GRASS WIDOW / NODZZZ / WEAVE...  There's one track for VIV ALBERTINE, which I'd make up for in LA.

While FOR AGAINST was listed on the flyer, they had to pull out at the last minute due to logistical issues.

While I was up in the mezzanine hearing Viv practicing on her guitar, there's no documentation of her set either.  "Gang Of Four" was indeed just Hugo Burnham DJ'ing as the flyer says, and while we videoed nearly all of Section 25, it's only via the horrible overloaded digicam audio (a Kodak unit)

And even The Raincoats recording got cut off, due to...read on... *sigh*.

Death Sentence: Panda!

'Part Time Punks' mini-fest
The Mezzanine SF

The first track (or second) "In Love With Witches" was videoed...

The rest of the set was captured, more or less.

[0:00] Fight Or Flight (start cut) [1:50] Lips Of Chaos [4:03] Insects Awaken [9:28] Dessert Parade