Part Time Punks Festival 2009 - Viv Albertine (pt. 4)


Viv Albertine
'Part Time Punks' Festival
The Echo
Los Angeles CA

taper:     lammah
kit:        Sonic Studios DSM-6/L mics > Edirol R-09HR
location:  Right in front of Viv


01 - Viv Albertine intro    1:19
02 - Don't Believe          4:35
03 - Never Come             3:18
04 - Boy                    3:02
05 - The False Heart        4:48
06 - Hookup Girl            3:22
07 - 'Punk Times'(Viv chat) 3:39
08 - Void                   4:26
09 - Confessions of a MILF  5:39

Total 34:12

This was pretty special, it shouldn't surprise anyone in the least that both Ana and Gina from the Raincoats were in the audience.  In fact before this, I let Gina past me so she could film the set.  You can hear Gina right at the start tell Viv how beautiful she looks...she does indeed look amazing considering she's 54 now(!).  There's a couple of dim photos of them included.

Hearing her talk about Sid Vicious offering to give her an orgasm (which she claims she took a raincheck on) and how Vivienne Westwood used to be a schoolteacher was way more entertaining than reading about in some Jon Savage tome[1]...and "Confessions of a MILF"...funniest song title ever.

About as good as you can hope for in a recording too, except for the clown who you can hear between songs laughing and yelling right into the mic.  Wait, that's me!  Sorry.

Remember, kids.

* Please don't sell or or otherwise leverage for material gain.

* I'm OK with MP3 transcodes (not on DIME itself of course) as long as this info file and/or reference to the original seed is retained

* Above all, enjoy this, and support the artists by seeing them perform, and purchasing their merchandise.  Viv's EP is really good, definitely check it out if you liked this.

[1] 2023 addition - "Certainly, no offense meant to Jon with that".  This was the contents of info file shared when I originally made this recording available.  Don't know if I can add too much to this besides that this is as brilliant then as it was then, even if her playing was a bit rudimentary given her relatively long break from music.


In addition, I upped a full video of her performance, in what must have been in glorious 15fps 480p.  

No idea of how this only has an aggregate of less than 200 views.  And I upped this relatively recently (Feb 2019).

Great conversation with Gina Birch prior to the start of this show...also have a bit of a chat with Ana DaSilva...coming up in the next segment..

...split in two parts.

Part One ... Don't Believe through Hookup Girl

Part Two ... Viv monologue / Void / Confessions Of A MILF


Alternate video of "Void"

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