Winston Tong - 2010-01-20 - Bottom Of The Hill SF (w/Mark Matos & Os Beaches and The Grave Brothers Deluxe)

Winston Tong (photoset by thehappyone)

Winston Tong (photo by thehappyone)
intro  [0:36]
The Stranger  [5:27]
In A Manner Of Speaking  [4:27]
Jinx  [7:24]
Slow Dancing On The Killing Ground  [4:50]
The Fugitive Kind  [4:14]
Freedom  [5:28]
No Tears  [4:35]

Total 37:05

The ever-enigmatic Winston Tong performed behind a silk gossamer screen/sheet for this set.  He was aided by members of The Grave Brothers Deluxe for a few of the songs, a mix of solo efforts and Tuxedomoon classics.

Looks like there's no other photos or videos that can be found online of this, at least.  Upon revisiting this performance, this was more electro-sounding than I was expecting, so gives a different spin on these tracks, even if they sound a bit 90s/00s Adi Newton/Clock DVA-y.

Winston Tong (pCloud) 


Here's a video from Ear Candle Productions of his performance a couple of years prior, at the Vortex, also performed with LX Rudis on synths.

While I did previously tracksplit the Winston Tong recording, for my own purposes (presumably), the opening acts have sat untracked and under-appreciated for the past 13+ years.  Until today.

First up is Mark Matos and Os Beaches.  Two of these tracks here were pro-filmed by their label at the time.

Do The Right Thing

 Down At The Border

The two photos I took of Os Beaches are included in the link but aren't good enough in quality to want to showcase, but suffice to document they are from the same gig, so are useful for that purpose, as the above video links weren't precisely dated.


Hold You Down / Do The Right Thing / Down At The Border / Warrior & The Thief / Take The Light Away.

"Hold You Down" may be previously unreleased.

"Warrior & The Thief" appears on 2009's Words Of The Knife.

The remainder can be heard on 2012's Coyote and the Crosser.

Haven't done anything to this Sonic Studios DSM-6L to Edirol R-09HR recording besides levels and patch up a sonic blemish or two.  But doesn't need much because the Sonics are hand-in-glove when it comes to taping at Bottom Of The Hill.

Collage of Grave Brothers Deluxe (photos by thehappyone)

None other than The Graves Brothers Deluxe website reveals this was their San Malo record release show.  The Greencookies.gr site also archives the event listing.
Sadly, I have little memory of the GBDLX set, but playing back the recording reveals just about 14 minutes of audio verité of audience chatter and tuning/soundcheck which do capture some measure of hubbub in the room before their set and could very well qualify as its own artifact.
I am glad I record things; it is like a time capsule for my later self since older me wasn't quite equipped to be quite as sympathetic to this as I would be now...SUPERLATIVE performance and set, good enough for me to *presently* purchase a copy of the record, which I should have done back then! 


GBDLX intro / Vulture Sing / Splinters / Deadbeat Heart / San Malo National Anthem / I'm Fine / The Ballad Of San Malo / Papio Papio (The Swamp Ape) / Five Foot Category Five / Noisy Kind Of Nothing
"Deadbeat Heart" appears on Gonna Happen To You.

The rest can be heard on San Malo.

The Grave Brothers Deluxe (pCloud)



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