Mane - 2016-06-07 - The Rickshaw Stop SF

Rickshaw Stop
San Francisco CA

taped by: thehappyone
using: Sonic Studios DSM-6s/L mics, into an Olympus LS-5

NOTE: this is audio-only


0:00 intro
0:38 "Waste Your Time"
5:21 Bloodstone
8:38 "Your Hunger"
13:46 Dark Of The Night / New World Order
22:37 White Knuckles
25:26 Bougainvillea
29:08 "My Generation"


Great set by SF's Mane, whom I had a copy of their 7" already, but bought it again in all of its monaural glory.

In support of W.A.M. (Women's Audio Mission), which strives to promote the advancement of women in music production and the recording arts, visit their website at http://www.womensaudiomission.org/ to learn more.

Please also support the group by checking out some tunes at http://manesf.bandcamp.com

My Facebook page also has YouTube links to the Sirena Victima and Silver Shadows sets, who also performed.

There's simply a plethora amazing female-fronted groups plying their trade in SF/Oakland, as Women's Audio Mission proves, not to mention other bands like Cruel Summer, Quaaludes, and The World...none of whom sound alike...but this Silver Shadows video of one of my fave tunes of theirs (called "Faultlines") was a high point. Enjoy!

Silver Shadows "Faultlines" (video)

Some excerpts

Sirena Victima


Lush - 2016-04-24 - The Warfield SF

To quote Andy Von Pip, Lush fan extraordinaire, "Created by syncing up a blend of the audio recordings by muchmusic and lammah with various Youtube videos shot by Fender Bass, ampersand, GilW, Tyler King, gridlifeTV, jrcode3, Jim Murphy, AJ4, djmarloca, Veronica Sanchez, and Michelle L.


Intro (Undertow)
Kiss Chase
Light from a Dead Star
Lit Up
For Love
Out of Control
Sweetness and Light

Desire Lines
Leaves Me Cold

Thanks to the artists and those who recorded the show. I do not own the rights to this material. If any rights holder, or anyone associated with the band objects to it being here, away it goes."

Because creative writing is hard, I'll recycle what I had written earlier on.

"A fairly superlative effort from Camden's finest. Was surprised there wasn't more jostling down front. I guess we're all old and way too respectful. Lots of thunder clappers near me, so employed some limiting to tame the worst of it.

On the recording, there's a bit of right channel hum during quiet segments. No idea why, I've seen this happen before to me once or twice, otherwise it's not too distracting.

Emma seemed a bit upset over technical issues during the early part of her set, she had some words with her guitar techs after a couple of the songs...and think someone missed a cue near the end of 'For Love', leaving her dangling.

After Lit Up, Miki laid into the two guys in front of me who were videoing throughout...I've been guilty of this in the past but have severely curtailed this in situations (like this one) where your screen is all "lit up" (get it?) and it's indeed a huge distration to those behind you.

Worth quoting Miki in full:

"Okay, so I'm just going to say something because...I know people go on about this all the time, but if you're going to film, right, I personally (don't) give a shit but just check with the people behind you that it's not really fucking irritating them, you know, because it can kind of detract a little bit, you know. A little consideration...that's all I'm saying..."

The guys look like they got struck with lightning...though later on, they were at it again, but now standing *next* to each other, presumably with the approval of the people behind them this time.

As we were walking to the Warfield, my friends and I passed Phil next to the tour bus talking to a couple of fans right before the show."

If you want the audio recording in lossless FLAC, brave my tracker here: http://incubation.atmyheels.com/torrents-details.php?id=310

A few photos from the show, taken with my iPhone 6S...

Will have more recordings in the pipeline, Andy Human and World anybody? More Cruel Shadows and Silver Summers, of course, since they're so gooooood....


Cruel Summer - 2016-04-20 - The Knockout SF (w/Shark Toys and Bent Shapes)

Cruel Summer
The Knockout
San Francisco, CA

With Landlines (not taped), Shark Toys, and Bent Shapes

Taped by thehappyone, a blend of Edirol R09-HR and Olympus LS-5 recording devices.


'home taping is killing music', soundchecking

Sound clears up a bit from track 3 onwards as I positioned the Olympus more advantageously.

New tracks "Trust" and "Skyless" are now my favorite tracks from them.  Now that Young Prisms are no more, these guys are setting the bar for what you'd call "shoegaze" in the City.

Support them by seeing them live and buying merch:  https://cruelsummmer.bandcamp.com/

A 7" is coming out in a few weeks with "Around You / Around Me", backed by "Crazy", from their Part Time Punks session, I believe.

Listen to their performance here:

Shark Toys
The Knockout
San Francisco, CA

(Olympus LS-5)

Many tracks still unidentified, these guys are way ahead of their releases!

Bent Shapes
The Knockout
San Francisco, CA

(Edirol R-09HR)


pre-gig PA, soundchecking
Realization Hits
Xerox Voids
Behead Yrself, Pt 2
Samantha West
Bites And Scratches
What We Do Is Public
Big Machines
Girl U Want [Devo]
New Starts In Old Dominion

Total: 31:15

An AMH production.  Please visit https://bentshapes.bandcamp.com/ to support the group or see them on tour!


Savage Republic - 2016-04-09 - The Night Light, Oakland

Savage Republic
The Night Light (The Hanging Garden)
Oakland CA

Recorded by thehappyone with Sonic Studios DSM-6s/L mics into an Olympus LS-5.


intro  [0:00]
1938  [0:39]
Next To Nothing  [4:32]
Walking Backwards  [8:32]
Siam  [12:38]
Mobilization  [21:31]
Siege  [25:15]
Trek  [30:14]
Ivory Coast  [36:07]
Spice Fields  [38:20]
O Andonis  [44:36]
Year Of Exile  [47:21]
Procession  [57:13]
outro  [1:06]


Intense set (multiple 50 gallon oil drums were brought out this time) which oddly didn't include anything from their latest album "Aegean".  At one point drummer Alan gets "fired" so Kerry can play drums on "Ivory Coast"...he's told there's no back door, you have to leave in shame in front of all of these people...but don't fret, he's back pounding the skins by "Spice Fields"...no shirt, all service.

More photos from the show...


Thrill Of the Pull - 2016-04-09 - The Night Light, Oakland

Thrill Of The Pull
The Night Light (The Hanging Garden)
Oakland, CA

Recorded by thehappyone with Sonic Studios DSM-6s/L microphones into an Olympus LS-5.


Today [0:00]  (new-ish song)
Everlasting Dream, pt.1 [6:05]
Everlasting Dream, pt.2 [10:00]
Within You [13:54]
The Crucible [18:03]
Try, pt. 1 [23:32]
Try, pt. 2 [26:21]
Green On Red [27:38]
Innocent Days [33:41]
The One Remark [39:37]

Superb recording which I'm thrilled to share with you.

Somebody kept turning off The Night Light, literally...caused by an electrical issue which kept throwing the breaker...which the band dealt with aplomb...even starting up a couple of songs which had been bisected at the solos...

Note:  Not totally complete, I missed the very first 30 seconds and the first interruption before the start of the first song.

More pictures...