Shark Toys - 2016-01-10 - Bottom Of The Hill SF

Shark Toys
10 Jan 2016
Bottom Of The Hill
San Francisco CA

taper: thehappyone
kit: Sonic Studios DSM-6s/L > Olympus LS-5

Not going to get into why, but the blog is BACK.  Decided it will be mixing old and new stuff, as I get time.

Opening act for the Terry Malts / Male Gaze show at Bottom Of The Hill...both of these bands are now mixed SF/LA outfits, so fitting that an LA band would open for them.

I don't have a setlist for this one, and I came in late and likely missed a couple of songs, with the first one I captured here.   Any song IDs appreciated!

Don't know too much of these guys, they've been together since at least 2009, and their discography seems to consist of a 7" EP, an LP, and a rare-as-@@@ tape.  The set seems to have been all new tracks, which should hopefully show up at some point.  The PTP folks describes these guys as "equal parts Desperate Bicycles, Subway Sect, Tronics, and the early Flying Nun catalogue."  Add a bit of Fall influence and it makes for a worthwhile opening act.

Stream from YouTube

This uses TunesToTube to convert individual tracks and pictures into uploaded content.  Wasn't really happy with other options, as let's face it, many of us don't download anything anymore, so this is my solution for that.

Download (320k MP3 in zipfile).  Available for those who have iTunes or want to "have" these.

Lossless available UPON REQUEST, available via Bittorrent.


Not many, wasn't in a photo-taking mood at that point in the proceedings.

Seems that this band has been somewhat underserved online, at least until some friends pitched in. Here's a link to another song played at Pehrspace about two years ago (31 Jan 2014) filmed by the Razorcake people...

Another one from Permanent Records from 7 Oct 2013, also filmed by Razorcake.

A third one from Razorcake, this one from 5 Oct 2013 @Permanent Records, Eagle Rock.


From: flavia claros, from mid-July 2013

and "Library" (off their first EP) from 26 Nov 2012 (the description is mislabelled)

And from the Dirty Snapshots folks, from 1 Jul 2012.
This is the same one that's the first track on my recording.

"Dots" (last song on their S/T LP) late May from Take Off, in LA?

And "Who Cares"
(credit: flavia claros)

From Permanent Records, in late July 2012
(credit: flavia claros)

One from SXSW in 2012

And the oldest thing I could find...a fragment of "Don't Know", live from the Echo, 29 March 2009