Pylon + The Fresh And Onlys - 2008-11-18 - The Independent SF

The Independent
San Francisco, CA USA

***32 bit/48kHz recording***

taper: lammah
gear:  Edirol R-09HR (built-in mics) [48kHz/32 bit] > Adobe Audition 1.5 (normalization) >
       CD Wave Editor (tracksplits) > FLAC(6)


01.  Cool [3:51]
02.  Dub [4:25]
03.  Read A Book (breakdown) [0:24]
04.  Read A Book [2:06]
05.  K [5:05]
06.  No Clocks [3:33]
07.  Weather Radio [5:12]
08.  The Human Body [3:46]
09.  Working Is No Problem [2:32]
10.  Gravity [5:39]
11.  Danger [2:19]
12.  Crazy [3:19]
13.  Volume [4:36]
14.  Sugar [3:32]
15.  Beep [4:06]
16.  Feast On My Heart [6:18]
17.  Stop It [2:53]
18.  M-Train [4:45]

Total [68:30]

Notes from when this was shared on a certain Bittorrent site back in 2008.

Caught them briefly during Part Time Punks, only taped the encore track (M-Train), as I decided to go see Savage Republic instead, figuring that they were playing in SF a couple days later so I could catch them then.  [2021 note:  Sadly, guitarist Randy Bewley would tragically pass away from a heart attack in January 2009, this was their penultimate show playing with him.  In retrospect, I should have skipped SR and seen them instead]

This time, remembered to use the bass cut on my Edirol.  Works wonders.  [2021 note: did it?  I can improve on this now, but am presenting this as shared back in 2008]

Also included a scan of my ticket, a couple of photos of the setlist...note that while 3x3 and Beep were was listed, they weren't played  [2021 note: actually, only 3x3 wasn't played, I had Beep mis-id'ed as "Permanence"], and there was going to be an encore whether whe liked it or not, though most people enjoyed themselves very very much, lots of hardcore Pylon cones in the City, it seems.


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(stopped caring about that years ago)

CONED  (pCloud download + streaming)

While I couldn't locate any video of the proceedings that night, here's one from 8 years later featuring Vanessa with Pylon Reenactment Society....that Pylon was no more Randy is an ultimate testament to his presence and that PRS still honors their legacy and records their own material (well-worth listening to) is even more so....

Here's M Train, from 2016-12-12 at the Independent...

Also, for the first time, I present my recording of the openers, The Fresh and Onlys, featuring Tim Cohen, Wymond Miles, and Shayde Sartin.   More after the jump....


Part Time Punks Festival 2008 - PYLON - M Train + Medium Medium (pt 3.)

Screen capture of Lyndsey Parker's footage

A random item from the AMH archive, before I start in again on all my old recordings....

"M Train" -- Live @ Part Time Punks Festival - 16 November 2008  [256kbit MP3]

One of the last times the band played live before the unfortunate passing of guitarist Randy Bewley a scant few months afterwards.

I had been upstairs catching Savage Republic, as I figured since I had tickets a couple of nights later at The Independent, I could catch Pylon then...however, after SR wrapped up, I was able to see them perform their encore, M Train.  After witnessing the excitement surrounding them,  I wish I had stayed downstairs for the entire set....but did see it in full a couple days later back in San Francisco (as well as a produce a recording) which will appear in due time.

There's some footage online, including an amusing one where someone jumps onstage to join Vanessa...but the audio quality is subpar, so I'll leave it to your web searching skills to find more of these.

Medium Medium (who had played with them at the first Part Time Punks fest) for the following year opened their set with a heartfelt tribute to Pylon, which you can watch here...the video's pretty compressed, but is a very good listen and a brilliant cover.

And here's their 2008 set.

Medium Medium
'Part Time Punks' festival
The Echo
Los Angeles, CA USA

taper: lammah
equipment:  Edirol R-09HR > Adobe Audition 1.5 (EQ/limiting) > CD Wave (tracksplits) > FLAC(6)


01.  Further Than Funk Dream    6:39
02.  Nadsat Dream               4:30
03.  Serbian Village            6:54
04.  Mice Or Monsters           6:37
05.  Off We Go                  6:49
06.  Them Or Me                 5:03
07.  7th Floor                  4:04
08.  Hungry, So Angry           5:17
09.  Guru Maharaji             10:04

Total                          56:02


A band that I had not heard of previously, who ended up greatly impressing me, especially the guitarist, who had a style just right of Andy Gill's.  Turns out they were another early-80s outfit that had only modest initial success before calling it a day but for whatever reason or another deciding to make another go of it.  In any event, a good pairing for Pylon and (later on) ACR.

Like all my PTP recordings, bass-overloaded, but nothing that a good re-EQ couldn't fix.

A bit of annoying chatter during the middle of 'Further Than Funk Dream' but otherwise a satisfying listen.

    DOWNLOAD / Medium Medium live set
Note, three of the tracks "Off We Go", "Hungry, So Angry", and "Guru Maharaji" were officially  released on the "Fluxus & Funk" release put up by Kommissar Hjuler.

Finally, here's a live portion of "Nadsat Dream" from this performance, originally filmed by Lyndsey Parker, but with audio synced against my recording....

And finally, Part 4...

Part Time Punks Festival 2008 - ACR + Savage Republic (pt. 4)


A Certain Ratio
Part Time Punks Festival
The Echoplex
Los Angeles CA
Recorded by thehappyone, using an Edirol R-09HR with built-in mics.
00 intro  [2:55]
01 Choir ~ Waterline ~ Do The Du (medley)  [6:05]
02 I Feel Light  [4:37]
03 And Then Agan  [3:08]
04 Flight  [6:15]
05 Rialto  [3:59]
06 Mind Made Up  [5:45]
07 Way To Escape  [4:18]
08 Everything Is Good  [4:45]
09 Wild Party   [4:07]
10 Wonder Y  [6:28]
11 Shack Up  [5:01]
12 Heart And Soul [Joy Division]  [6:22]
13 Si Firmir O Grido  [5:51]
Total 69:36 

Outstanding set from arguably Factory Records' most influential band, barring a certain Godlike Genius that knows how to strum a chord or three, or a half-Salford/half-Macclesfield beat band of some renown...whom they pay homage to by covering one of their songs.  
A real coup for Part Time Punks to bring them to the last gig they played in the States.  Was of course front and center for this one, and this recording has made the rounds before but is to this day one of my favorites and I still listen to it from time to time.

The photo montage is made up of my original super-blurry photos, some more of which are below.
For professionally-taken pictures, I direct you to the Los Anjealous archive for this show.
(download & listen to on pCloud)

 Shack Up, LyndseyParker vid synched with my audio

 Do The Du (HotPantsDiva)


Flight (bossharmony)

2008-11-16 - Part Time Punks Festival, The Echo LA (Part 2)

Part Time Punks Festival
Sunday, November 16, 2008 
(Part 2) 

The Muslims  
(right before they changed their names to The Soft Pack)

00 soundcheck, opening jam  [0:56]
01 On My Time               [1:47]
02 Right and Wrong          [4:18]
03 Besides Myself           [3:06]
04 Extinction               [2:53]
05 Answer To Yourself       [3:44]
06 ?                        [2:21]
07 Parasites                [4:53]

Total 23:58

DOWNLOAD / The Muslims (pCloud)

Daytime Television

Without their normal singer, who was out with a cold....

01 Teenage Kicks [The Undertones]               [2:54]
02 'the dog ate our lead singer'                [1:44]
03 Everybody's Happy Now [Buzzcocks]            [4:05]
04 Part Time Punks  [Television Personalities]  [3:19]
Total 12:02
I procured the video for "Everybody's Happy Now", which was online and synced it up with my audio as the original capture (from Lyndsey Parker) was distorted....

DOWNLOAD / Daytime Television (pCloud)

Bonus:  Live footage from The Nightengales, also from Lyndsey Parker.

As well as Love Is All...too bad the audio is distorted....

As finally, Mika Miko....this time from David (bossharmony) Orlando.  This is frankly brilliant (maybe the best 23 seconds you'll ever spend watching something on YouTube)....I'm bummed that I somehow missed their performance, again, probably got there too late....

Onto Part 3...

2008-11-16 - Part Time Punks Festival, The Echo LA (Part 1)


Part Time Punks
Sunday, November 16, 2008 
(Part 1)

I traveled all the way down from SF to catch A Certain Ratio, which to date has not come back to the West Coast, so glad that I did.  What's remarkable isn't who I saw but who I didn't see.  Namely:  The Nightingales, Nervous Gender, Vivian Girls, Mika Miko, Warpaint, The Urinals, Magic Bullets (who I did catch a few times the following year) and Ben White (otherwise known as Benny Shambles) Softboiled Eggies, nor do I remember any of the DJs...and only saw the encore track (M-Train) from Pylon.  Luckily I caught them in SF a few days later, their penultimate performance before guitarist Randy Bewley sadly and suddenly passed away.  
The good news though is that I missed Ariel Pink, that I do not regret!

First up, Grimble Grumble.  I came in midway through their set and only captured several songs (forst two unidentified), the last being a cover of "Here Come The Warm Jets" by Brian Eno, and then outro music of the Chills' amazing 'Pink Frost'.

(photo from LosAnJealous)

DOWNLOAD / Grimble Grumble live set (pCloud)

And then, Wild Stares.  When researching this, I learned that they just released an album last October ("Automatic Writing Machine"), based on an album they started working on this very show.  It's actually excellent.

Check out their Bandcamp to listen.

I still need to identify a number of tracks, only have three of them named:

Setlist, missing titles provided from Justin in the band...

00  intro                [0:33]
01  Sport Of Kings       [4:59]
02  Looking 4 U          [2:37]
03  Babies Falling       [3:56]
04  The Long March       [6:08]
05  The China Song       [3:28]
06  Like a Sparrow       [6:08]
07  Piece of the Picture [5:34]
08  Motor Drive          [5:20]
09  Fleshtones           [3:49]
10  outro                [0:47]
(photo from LosAnJealous)

DOWNLOAD / The Wild Stares live set (pCloud)

Both sets were recorded with an Edirol R09-HR with built-in mics, which did a pretty good job for what they are.


Minipop / Birds and Batteries / The Botticellis - 2008-11-07 - The Independent SF


Video of full set from Bottom Of The Hill, Feb 2008 (Paste Magazine)

All recorded by thehappyone using Sonic Studios DSM-6 mics plugged into an Edirol R-09HR.  These have not been shared widely before.


band intro  (2:02)
intro piece  (2:17)
Monsters  (4:27)
Ask Me A Question  (3:42)
Generator  (3:53)
Like I Do  (3:45)
Let Go  (3:24)
Stars  (5:08)
Black Metallic [Catherine Wheel]  (6:37)
The Way You Are  (4:43)

10 tracks, 39:58

Excellent band fronted by Tricia Kanne (vox/keyboard/guitar), with Matthew Swanson (keys/guitar), Nick Forte (bass), Ross Grant (guitars), and Lauren Grubb (drums).  Lauren would later pound the skins for a bit for Topographies.  "Like I Do" is as terrific now as it was then.

Normally, I don't redo my FLACs for such old shows, but I noticed that the original set had final track "The Way You Are" cut at the 3:22 point.  I checked my original master WAVs and that was complete, so I went ahead and grafted the last minute or so from that onto the file, and while I was at it, I cleaned up some of the handling noise (decrackle filter plus channel cloning on the high frequencies), limited some of the loud clapping and whooping (mostly from yours truly), and applied automatic phase correction.


Birds and Batteries

intro  (0:17)
I'll Never Sleep Again  (3:45)
Soft Surveillance  (5:49)
After A Flood  (3:45)
unknown (unreleased)  (5:02)
Another Inferno  (5:06)
La Carena (unreleased)  (3:28)
We're An Industry  (4:08)
Star Clusters  (4:08)

9 tracks, 35:50

Essentially a project Michael Sempert and cohorts were doing for a few years.  Quite sophisticated synth pop.

This recording isn't ideal, due to some handling noise that sounds like a strap being fastened/unfastened and a chattery crowd, and it sounds like the right mic wasn't aligned properly.  A couple of unreleased tracks appear on this.

Out.Of.Focus.TV (out of SF) filmed them at SXSW back in 2011.  Here it is:

The Botticellis

pre-gig  (1:18)
Old Home Movies  (3:34)
Stay With My Brother  (3:43)
I Feel Betrayed  (3:32)
The Prodigal  (4:47)
Table By The Window  (3:35)
Up Against The Glass  (3:59)
Sister's Telling Stories  (4:38)
unknown  (4:37)
Here I Go Again [Whitesnake]  (4:11)
Awaiting On You All [George Harrison]  (5:11)
outro (Brass Monkey)  (0:09)

12 tracks, 43:17.  How does the opening band end up playing the longest set?

Psych/power pop group.  My friend Josh released out their album on his Rocinante Records imprint.  Well worth seeking out.  This was years before...

Bonus video, this is The Botticellis playing acoustically as featured on The Mercury Sessions, which was a very short-lived music feature set done by the SJ-based newspaper.  They only did five total.
To quote from the posting...

From San Francisco's Outer Richmond district, the Botticellis love to make delicate pop music and love to surf. Members Burton Li, Blythe Foster and Alexi Glickman swung by on April 25, 2008, to chat with San Jose Mercury News music writer Shay Quillen and perform "Flashlight" and "Up Against the Glass" from their debut CD, plus the previously unreleased "Lucy Lucia."


Paige Heimsoth - 2008-11-02 - Edinburgh Castle, SF

Photo from Studio One Reading Series

Paige Heimsoth
Edinburgh Castle
San Francisco CA

Don't think this has been shared before.
Taped as a favor for my ex-coworker and friend Jason D.


01 The Circus (soundcheck)  [4:45]
02 Cold Concrete Slab  [7:03]
03 Big Bull Horn  [5:33]
04 Can't Run Away  [5:08]
05 Drink Up  [4:23]
06 Ships Sailing Away  [5:38]
07 Mandi From LA (interlude)  [2:32]
08 Under Chandeliers  [5:41]
09 Cat Out Of The Bag  [5:52]
10 Nothing  [5:48]
11 Babydoll  [3:45]
12 Broken  [5:06]
13 The Circus  [5:13]

Total  [66:27]

I remember very little from this show, unfortunately. 
Wow, my quip after "Under Chandeliers" was pretty off-color this or any other time of month.  She mentioned at the end that she didn't bring any CDs, so couldn't buy anything to help support her.

Here self-titled debut EP can be heard/streamed here.

On Discogs, her 2005 "Whisky Was The Medicine" can be viewed as a release from 'Paige(12)'.  I bought one of the two copies for sale.  That will allow me to better flesh out the entry on the site which among other things is missing artwork.
2008's "Under Chandeliers" has no such entry.  I will remedy that once my CD arrives.
Update:  now done
Paige is not on Bandcamp, at least for her solo efforts.  In fact, the link to the Studio One Reading Series is the only information about her that I could find.