Minipop / Birds and Batteries / The Botticellis - 2008-11-07 - The Independent SF


Video of full set from Bottom Of The Hill, Feb 2008 (Paste Magazine)

All recorded by thehappyone using Sonic Studios DSM-6 mics plugged into an Edirol R-09HR.  These have not been shared widely before.


band intro  (2:02)
intro piece  (2:17)
Monsters  (4:27)
Ask Me A Question  (3:42)
Generator  (3:53)
Like I Do  (3:45)
Let Go  (3:24)
Stars  (5:08)
Black Metallic [Catherine Wheel]  (6:37)
The Way You Are  (4:43)

10 tracks, 39:58

Excellent band fronted by Tricia Kanne (vox/keyboard/guitar), with Matthew Swanson (keys/guitar), Nick Forte (bass), Ross Grant (guitars), and Lauren Grubb (drums).  Lauren would later pound the skins for a bit for Topographies.  "Like I Do" is as terrific now as it was then.

Normally, I don't redo my FLACs for such old shows, but I noticed that the original set had final track "The Way You Are" cut at the 3:22 point.  I checked my original master WAVs and that was complete, so I went ahead and grafted the last minute or so from that onto the file, and while I was at it, I cleaned up some of the handling noise (decrackle filter plus channel cloning on the high frequencies), limited some of the loud clapping and whooping (mostly from yours truly), and applied automatic phase correction.


Birds and Batteries

intro  (0:17)
I'll Never Sleep Again  (3:45)
Soft Surveillance  (5:49)
After A Flood  (3:45)
unknown (unreleased)  (5:02)
Another Inferno  (5:06)
La Carena (unreleased)  (3:28)
We're An Industry  (4:08)
Star Clusters  (4:08)

9 tracks, 35:50

Essentially a project Michael Sempert and cohorts were doing for a few years.  Quite sophisticated synth pop.

This recording isn't ideal, due to some handling noise that sounds like a strap being fastened/unfastened and a chattery crowd, and it sounds like the right mic wasn't aligned properly.  A couple of unreleased tracks appear on this.

Out.Of.Focus.TV (out of SF) filmed them at SXSW back in 2011.  Here it is:

The Botticellis

pre-gig  (1:18)
Old Home Movies  (3:34)
Stay With My Brother  (3:43)
I Feel Betrayed  (3:32)
The Prodigal  (4:47)
Table By The Window  (3:35)
Up Against The Glass  (3:59)
Sister's Telling Stories  (4:38)
unknown  (4:37)
Here I Go Again [Whitesnake]  (4:11)
Awaiting On You All [George Harrison]  (5:11)
outro (Brass Monkey)  (0:09)

12 tracks, 43:17.  How does the opening band end up playing the longest set?

Psych/power pop group.  My friend Josh released out their album on his Rocinante Records imprint.  Well worth seeking out.  This was years before...

Bonus video, this is The Botticellis playing acoustically as featured on The Mercury Sessions, which was a very short-lived music feature set done by the SJ-based newspaper.  They only did five total.
To quote from the posting...

From San Francisco's Outer Richmond district, the Botticellis love to make delicate pop music and love to surf. Members Burton Li, Blythe Foster and Alexi Glickman swung by on April 25, 2008, to chat with San Jose Mercury News music writer Shay Quillen and perform "Flashlight" and "Up Against the Glass" from their debut CD, plus the previously unreleased "Lucy Lucia."

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