Ladyhawke / Semi-Precious Weapons / Julian Perretta / NPSH - 2009-09-30 - The Fillmore SF

The Fillmore
San Francisco CA

taper:  lammah
gear:  Sonic Studios DSM-6/L mics > Edirol R-09HR
mastering : Adobe Audition 1.5 (clap reduction/bass EQ/normalization) > FLAC(6)


01 Perez Hilton intro [1:34]
02 Magic  [5:12]
03 Professional Suicide  [4:28]
04 Dusk Till Dawn  [3:34]
05 Manipulating Woman  [4:12]
06 Another Runaway  [4:07]
07 Love Don't Live Here  [5:04]
08 Danny and Jenny  [4:09]
09 Better Than Sunday  [4:06]
10 Back In The Van  [4:31]
11 Paris Is Burning    [6:09]
12 My Delirium [NOT TAPED]

Total: 47:09
Note from the future (2023) as the following notes were contemporaneous:  
I seem to have been in a very bitchy mood, perhaps in homage / emulation of the compere.   Aside from the headliner, at the time I felt this was one of the worst shows I've attended.
NPSH do sound like Black Kids, but actually like them upon re-listening...even if you can hear my friend Tom say at the end "that was really bad".   And the other groups were good to listen to  as well...Semi Precious Weapons' approach would get echoed in LA groups like Starcrawler.

Here's my recording of Ladyhawke at the half-full or thereabouts Fillmore.
The denziens of my hometown apparently weren't that keen on attending a
show with the imprinteur of Mario Armando Lavandeira [popularly known
as 'Perez Hilton'].  Oddly enough, nothing much in the way of what makes
the Fillmore annoying seemed to rear its ugly head that night...though
the opening acts...ugh, NPSH [which stands for Natalie Portman's Shaved
Head] sounded like a crap Black Kids...Julian Perretta was OK, nothing
to write home about, and Semi-Precious Weapons...majorly sucked, in a
semi-entertaining way...musically, they were absolute tripe, and their
frontman looked like a blonde-haired Syndrome from the Incredibles.
That's as bad as it's supposed to sound.  He did a wardrobe change mid-song...
(writhing on the floor while changing) sand seemed damn proud of the fact.  
Oh boy.

If you're going to call the audience "cunts", even endearingly, mean it, man.    

...though they did have this song called "Put A Diamond In It and Bite 
Down" has a massive bass groove going on, after which, the frontman 
busts out with this gem:

"I'd like to discuss these people sitting in the balcony.   Just because
you're in the balcony doesn't mean you should sit.  I know rock n' roll
has been dead for a very long time, but when it was alive, people stood
up for rock n' roll.  You were never get laid sitting down.  YOU WILL

[In an interview I read, he claims to have never been laid on account of
being in a rock band.  I believe him.]

Anyway, enough of them.  Seeing Pip Brown in the flesh was entirely
worth it.  She seemed unusually talkative, and really appreciated the
crowd...who was vocal enough...this is not for you if you don't mind a
little potatoes with your meat...but actually, this is one of the best
sounding recordings I've done to date.  I think the only complain was
not enough keyboards on 'Paris Is Burning'.  We'll live.  Perez was
right when he said this was an album of hits...

At the end of Ladyhawke's encore track Semi-Precious Weapons came back
out again and made fools of themselves.  Sadly, my batteries had run out
by then, so no "No Delirium" for you [ed note...it was documented, see below]

Usual crap iPhone photos added along for the ride.  I do have recordings
for all the opening acts, but I wouldn't bother if I were you.


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  retain this info file or a pointer back to the seed URL
* Enjoy!

As last song "My Delirum" was not taped, we'll rely on gaae2000's video for it.

  My Delirium


She filmed four other tracks.


Dusk Til Dawn

Back Of The Van

Paris Is Burning