Part Time Punks Festival 2009 - Viv Albertine (pt. 4)


Viv Albertine
'Part Time Punks' Festival
The Echo
Los Angeles CA

taper:     lammah
kit:        Sonic Studios DSM-6/L mics > Edirol R-09HR
location:  Right in front of Viv


01 - Viv Albertine intro    1:19
02 - Don't Believe          4:35
03 - Never Come             3:18
04 - Boy                    3:02
05 - The False Heart        4:48
06 - Hookup Girl            3:22
07 - 'Punk Times'(Viv chat) 3:39
08 - Void                   4:26
09 - Confessions of a MILF  5:39

Total 34:12

This was pretty special, it shouldn't surprise anyone in the least that both Ana and Gina from the Raincoats were in the audience.  In fact before this, I let Gina past me so she could film the set.  You can hear Gina right at the start tell Viv how beautiful she looks...she does indeed look amazing considering she's 54 now(!).  There's a couple of dim photos of them included.

Hearing her talk about Sid Vicious offering to give her an orgasm (which she claims she took a raincheck on) and how Vivienne Westwood used to be a schoolteacher was way more entertaining than reading about in some Jon Savage tome[1]...and "Confessions of a MILF"...funniest song title ever.

About as good as you can hope for in a recording too, except for the clown who you can hear between songs laughing and yelling right into the mic.  Wait, that's me!  Sorry.

Remember, kids.

* Please don't sell or or otherwise leverage for material gain.

* I'm OK with MP3 transcodes (not on DIME itself of course) as long as this info file and/or reference to the original seed is retained

* Above all, enjoy this, and support the artists by seeing them perform, and purchasing their merchandise.  Viv's EP is really good, definitely check it out if you liked this.

[1] 2023 addition - "Certainly, no offense meant to Jon with that".  This was the contents of info file shared when I originally made this recording available.  Don't know if I can add too much to this besides that this is as brilliant then as it was then, even if her playing was a bit rudimentary given her relatively long break from music.


In addition, I upped a full video of her performance, in what must have been in glorious 15fps 480p.  

No idea of how this only has an aggregate of less than 200 views.  And I upped this relatively recently (Feb 2019).

Great conversation with Gina Birch prior to the start of this show...also have a bit of a chat with Ana DaSilva...coming up in the next segment..

...split in two parts.

Part One ... Don't Believe through Hookup Girl

Part Two ... Viv monologue / Void / Confessions Of A MILF


Alternate video of "Void"

Part Time Punks Festival 2009 - The Raincoats (pt. 5)

Gang Of Four's Hugo Burnham looks on...

The Raincoats
'Part Time Punks'
The Echoplex
Los Angeles, CA

taper:     lammah

lineage:   Sonic Studios DSM-6/L > Edirol R-09HR >
           Adobe Audition [compression/normalizing/
       downsampling/tracksplits] > FLAC(6)


01  No Side To Fall In        3:10
02  No Looking                3:13
03  You're A Million          4:10
04  Shouting Out Loud         5:51
05  Don't Be Mean             5:34
06                            4:09
07  Babydog                   5:28
08  City Girl (band intros)   1:58
09  City Girl                 7:07
10  Only Loved At Night       4:25
11  No One's Little Girl      4:38
12  The Void                  5:12
13  Viv Albertine intro /
    Adventures Close To...
    (breakdowns)              3:28
14  Adventures Close To Home  4:32
15  Lola  [The Kinks]         7:00
16  In Love                   3:19
17  Fairy Tale In The
    Supermarket               3:51

total 77:14

Pics by Ned Raggett

Their first LA performance ever!

This recording is probably on par with the other recordings I did on the downstairs stage, but instead of being taped 'down in front', I was in front of the stage left speaker stack, with relatively few obstructions, so technically it's  probably the best recording I've ever done.

The Raincoats were somewhat more shambolic here than in SF, but c'mon, this is not Yes we're talking about.  Took them a couple of times to get Adventures Close To Home going, Gina kept flubbing the bass intro.  "Sack the bassist" she cries after the second attempt went south.  'Only Loved At Night' is just one of those songs...

Right before Viv Albertine came on for her set, I had a chance to briefly chat with Gina Birch...who had videoed her entire performance.

Any help ID'ing track 6 appreciated!

A few photos, including one of Hugo from Gang Of four, thrown  in.


Do not sell or leverage for material gain.  MP3 transcodes are OK, as long as this info file in included.  Above all, enjoy the music!  -lammah


In addition here's a link to some pre-gig chatter, labelled as before Viv Albertine's set, but most likely actually before The Raincoats proper, featuring the Raincoats principals.

PRE-GIG (pCloud)

Our effort (songs 11+13-17)

You can grab a DVD version of this, too.

LaBellie Vie vids

You're A Million

Only Loved At Night

In Love

Lola [The Kinks]

Part Time Punks Festival 2009 - Section 25 (pt. 3)

Section 25
'Part Time Punks' festival
The Echoplex LA

taper: lammah
equip: Sonic Studios DSM-6/L > Edirol R-09HR
locat: Right in front
mstrg: 48/32 WAV > Adobe Audition 1.5 [compression/limiting on claps/normalization/re-EQ/tracking] > FLAC


00 Intro (synth from 'New Horizon')   1:12
01 Gene                               9:02
02 Friendly Fires                     4:24
03 Wretch                             4:05
04 Charnel Ground                     4:01
05 Warsaw [Joy Division]              3:56
06 Looking From A Hilltop             5:53
07 Up To You                          3:09
08 Poppy Fields                       6:05
09 Dirty Disco                        6:07

TOTAL                               +47:58

Blackpool's very own, in their first LA appearance in nigh-on 25 years.

This recording is dominated by the riffing of new guitarist Steve Stringer...whom even if you don't rate his playing, is a great name for a guitarist, about as good as Lindsay Thrasher from the much-missed Vomit Launch.  He was a bit unsteady at the start of 'Charnel Ground' which seems to be a new oldie that the group brought out to play, but as you can hear, sounds good otherwise.  You can hear Larry on harmonica(!) during encore Dirty Disco.  An extended version of Gene as it took the elder Cassidy a few minutes to come out.

Includes some good pictures from my friend Mark.  The man at the DJ booth is none other than James Nice of LTM fame, whom we had the chance to meet.  My favorite picture is this one, which captures both Cassidy brothers in their element.

Cassidy Bros in action...RIP Larry


* Please don't sell or leverage for material gain.  
* MP3 transcodes (not on DIME of course) are permitted, but please include this info file
* Above all, enjoy the music!  

A couple of pics from Ned...  #1  #2




Part Time Punks Festival 2009 - Medium Medium + Savage Republic (pt. 2)

Medium Medium
'Part Time Punks' festival
The Echoplex LA

taper: lammah
equip: Sonic Studios DSM-6/L > Edirol R-09HR
locat: Right in front
mstrg: 48/32 WAV > Adobe Audition 1.5 [compression/limiting on claps/normalization/re-EQ/tracking] > FLAC

01 (You Got Me) Dangling On A String 5:35
02 Nadsat Dream 4:03
03 M Train [Pylon, in memory of Randy Bewley] 5:55
04 Serbian Village 6:48
05 Let It Breathe 4:50
06 Mice Or Monsters 6:24
07 Further Than Funk Dream 7:25
08 Hungry, So Angry 6:25
TOTAL        47:27

I taped this group at the very same location last year. If anything, I found them even more enjoyable the second time around! One of the finest UK indie-funk groups to ever grace our shores. They covered Pylon's "M Train", in memory of Randy Bewley their guitarist who passed away last year. I was lucky to have saw them (briefly) at PTP last year and at their penultimate gig at the Independent in SF a couple of days after.

And I was lucky to see the Medium Medium guys play here...unlike the previous year Andy Ryder was all in black instead of his typical all-white garb. Amazingly, since their reformation, they have *only* played Stateside...and not often, only a half-dozen or so times at most.

If I must say so, this is a superb recording, one of the best I've ever done. Spent quite a bit on time in "post", it's worth it.

Included some good pictures from my friend Mark and some not-so-good iPhone blurrage from myself.  As well as a pic by Ned Raggett.

* Please don't sell or leverage for material gain.  
* MP3 transcodes (not on DIME of course) are permitted, but please include this info file
* Above all, enjoy the music!  Visit http://www.mediummedium.com to see a video of "M-Train"
  as well as to check out the copious samples of live/rare material.  Buy their album!


And a very brief video clip not seen previously.  It's only one second long. :-)

Part Time Punks Festival 2009 - Shark Toys + Abe Vigoda + The Intelligence (pt. 1)

The Intelligence

Presenting these in reverse order, as that presentation makes the most sense for these.  At least to me.

The Intelligence
Part Time Punks Festival
The Echoplex
Los Angeles CA 

taper: bcingyou, using Sony ECM-990F > M-Audio Microtrack II.

01 intro / The Universe
02 Nice Tries
03 Debt & ESP
04 Dating Cops, busted snare, joke
05 Thank You God For Fixing The Tape Machine
06 The World Is A Drag
07 Tuned To Puke
08 Block Of Ice  [Thee Oh Sees]
09 Like Like Like Like Like Like Like
10 Black Hole [The Urinals]
11 The Unessential Cosmic Perspective
12 outro

INTELLIGENCE (bcingyou recording, pCloud)

An assemblage of video clips synced from my friend's Kodak Easyshare, maybe also incorporate footage from my iPhone?

The Intelligence from the 'Part Time Punks' fest at the Echo in LA on October 11th, 2009, featuring Lars Finberg and cohorts. Two brief clips, joined together....including "The World Is A Drag" [0:00], "Like Like Like Like Like Like Like" [1:18], "Black Hole", a Urinals cover [3:14], and their last song, The Unessential Cosmic Perspective [4:34]

DVD d/l of above.


Part Time Punks Mini-Fest SF - 2009

Going in performance (forward) order....this is an archival record of everything that I've turned up for this show.

To date, no footage or recordings appear to exist for GRASS WIDOW / NODZZZ / WEAVE...  There's one track for VIV ALBERTINE, which I'd make up for in LA.

While FOR AGAINST was listed on the flyer, they had to pull out at the last minute due to logistical issues.

While I was up in the mezzanine hearing Viv practicing on her guitar, there's no documentation of her set either.  "Gang Of Four" was indeed just Hugo Burnham DJ'ing as the flyer says, and while we videoed nearly all of Section 25, it's only via the horrible overloaded digicam audio (a Kodak unit)

And even The Raincoats recording got cut off, due to...read on... *sigh*.

Death Sentence: Panda!

'Part Time Punks' mini-fest
The Mezzanine SF

The first track (or second) "In Love With Witches" was videoed...

The rest of the set was captured, more or less.

[0:00] Fight Or Flight (start cut) [1:50] Lips Of Chaos [4:03] Insects Awaken [9:28] Dessert Parade



Ladyhawke / Semi-Precious Weapons / Julian Perretta / NPSH - 2009-09-30 - The Fillmore SF

The Fillmore
San Francisco CA

taper:  lammah
gear:  Sonic Studios DSM-6/L mics > Edirol R-09HR
mastering : Adobe Audition 1.5 (clap reduction/bass EQ/normalization) > FLAC(6)


01 Perez Hilton intro [1:34]
02 Magic  [5:12]
03 Professional Suicide  [4:28]
04 Dusk Till Dawn  [3:34]
05 Manipulating Woman  [4:12]
06 Another Runaway  [4:07]
07 Love Don't Live Here  [5:04]
08 Danny and Jenny  [4:09]
09 Better Than Sunday  [4:06]
10 Back In The Van  [4:31]
11 Paris Is Burning    [6:09]
12 My Delirium [NOT TAPED]

Total: 47:09
Note from the future (2023) as the following notes were contemporaneous:  
I seem to have been in a very bitchy mood, perhaps in homage / emulation of the compere.   Aside from the headliner, at the time I felt this was one of the worst shows I've attended.
NPSH do sound like Black Kids, but actually like them upon re-listening...even if you can hear my friend Tom say at the end "that was really bad".   And the other groups were good to listen to  as well...Semi Precious Weapons' approach would get echoed in LA groups like Starcrawler.

Here's my recording of Ladyhawke at the half-full or thereabouts Fillmore.
The denziens of my hometown apparently weren't that keen on attending a
show with the imprinteur of Mario Armando Lavandeira [popularly known
as 'Perez Hilton'].  Oddly enough, nothing much in the way of what makes
the Fillmore annoying seemed to rear its ugly head that night...though
the opening acts...ugh, NPSH [which stands for Natalie Portman's Shaved
Head] sounded like a crap Black Kids...Julian Perretta was OK, nothing
to write home about, and Semi-Precious Weapons...majorly sucked, in a
semi-entertaining way...musically, they were absolute tripe, and their
frontman looked like a blonde-haired Syndrome from the Incredibles.
That's as bad as it's supposed to sound.  He did a wardrobe change mid-song...
(writhing on the floor while changing) sand seemed damn proud of the fact.  
Oh boy.

If you're going to call the audience "cunts", even endearingly, mean it, man.    

...though they did have this song called "Put A Diamond In It and Bite 
Down" has a massive bass groove going on, after which, the frontman 
busts out with this gem:

"I'd like to discuss these people sitting in the balcony.   Just because
you're in the balcony doesn't mean you should sit.  I know rock n' roll
has been dead for a very long time, but when it was alive, people stood
up for rock n' roll.  You were never get laid sitting down.  YOU WILL

[In an interview I read, he claims to have never been laid on account of
being in a rock band.  I believe him.]

Anyway, enough of them.  Seeing Pip Brown in the flesh was entirely
worth it.  She seemed unusually talkative, and really appreciated the
crowd...who was vocal enough...this is not for you if you don't mind a
little potatoes with your meat...but actually, this is one of the best
sounding recordings I've done to date.  I think the only complain was
not enough keyboards on 'Paris Is Burning'.  We'll live.  Perez was
right when he said this was an album of hits...

At the end of Ladyhawke's encore track Semi-Precious Weapons came back
out again and made fools of themselves.  Sadly, my batteries had run out
by then, so no "No Delirium" for you [ed note...it was documented, see below]

Usual crap iPhone photos added along for the ride.  I do have recordings
for all the opening acts, but I wouldn't bother if I were you.


* Don't leverage for material gain.  Don't sell what you can't own.
* I'm ok with MP3 transcodes (not on DIME itself of course) but please 
  retain this info file or a pointer back to the seed URL
* Enjoy!

As last song "My Delirum" was not taped, we'll rely on gaae2000's video for it.

  My Delirium


She filmed four other tracks.


Dusk Til Dawn

Back Of The Van

Paris Is Burning




Carta, Shuteye Unison, Form & Fate - 2009-08-26 - Bottom Of The Hill SF

Carta with Shuteye Unison + Form and Fate
Bottom Of The Hill
San Francisco CA
This is a soundboard recording done with permission of the band/venue.
Carta setlist
00 soundchecking, including "Murder" by New Order [4:17]
01 Sidereal  [5:16]
02 Prettier At Night  [4:55]
03 Sexton  [4:36]
04 Hills  [3:50]
05 Descention + Clerk [13:33]
06 Hourglass  [5:13]
07 The Last Name Of Your First Love  [10:44]
08 Larva  [5:27]

Total 57:51
Clerk is on the setlist but I believed they played an extra-long version of Descention instead but both songs tend to blend into each other anyway...

Soundcheck footage snippet of Carta...

Shuteye Unison live
Shuteye Unison set - also a soundboard recording

00 soundchecking  [3:26]
01 Century M  [7:42]
02 Tomorrow's Five Horizons  [3:49]
03 Better Hallway Vision
04 Slow Ravens
05 Traffic Hymn
06 War Feathers

Total 34:10

Our Future Selves album on Bandcamp

Form & Fate in performance

Form and Fate is an audience recording done with Sonic Studios DSM-6 > Edirol R-09HR.
00 soundchecking  [2:12]
01 Welcome To Your New Home Beneath The Earth (The Marseille Handshake)  [4:27]
02 When The Streets Caught Fire and We All walked Throgh The Flames  [5:31]
03 Mare Incognitum  [4:10]
04 Sons Of Jupiter  [7:41]
05 Escape Velocity  [6:38]
Total 30:30

All of these were previewing their 2011 release Sol Invictus, which is available on YouTube Music.


Champagne Socialists / Girls / The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart - 2009-07-21 - Rickshaw Stop SF


from "jingleSF" video


The Pains Of Being Pure at Heart
Rickshaw Stop
San Francisco CA

taper: lammah

kit:  Sonic Studios DSM-6/L mics > Edirol RO9-HR > Adobe Audition (limiting/normalization) >
      CD Wave (tracksplits) > FLAC(6)

location:  2nd floor balcony front/center


00 1:52  soundchecking
01 2:48  Doing All The Things That Wouldn't Make Your Parents Proud
02 3:03  This Love is Fucking Right!
03 4:52  Young Adult Friction
04 2:14  103
05 3:55  The Tenure Itch
06 5:33  Stay Alive
07 3:53  Come Saturday
08 3:59  Higher Than The Stars
09 3:29  Everything With You
10 3:21  The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart
11 1:40  ---
12 5:38  Gentle Sons

Total: 46:23

First time for me visiting the Rickshaw.  By happenstance, found a good place to tape, albeit
a bit distant.  Only real glitch is 1:25-1:35 of track 7 gets a bit muffled.

The bad news is the opening groups were really awful.  I did tape the Champagne Socialists'
sub-Siouxie fronted Smithslike jangle(*) but decided that Girls was not worth wasting battery
on, one set of Nelson twins is enough.
However, this was more than made up by The Pains, who while sounding like every 80's/early90s band you know and love (with a huge vocal nod to Chapterhouse), they were impressive.

I can understand why these guys are building a following.


Indeed they did, and did very well for Mike Schulman and Slumberland, so glad for their success, even if they eventually called it a day.  I saw their bassists's new band Massage recently at the Bottom Of The Hill and thought it was pretty good.

Here's "Come Saturday" from YouTube poster jingleSF.  Only video footage of this show, though there was another performance from Feburary when they played a secret show to open for Deerhunter.

(*) Note that was my opinion at the time, which doesn't hold up, as I quite enjoyed listening to them again now, and didn't realize their only 7" was released on Slumberland!  
Know they later changed their name to Neverever but don't think they lasted much longer, I don't think.  Girls, on the other hand...not for me.  I included the one song I taped of them before I stopped the recording.  I may have been overly harsh here too...not sure whatever happened to Christopher Owens from that group.
Speaking of which, here's my live recording of them, linked below:
Champagne Socialists - ? / ? / Blue Genes / ? / Young Runaways / ? / ? / Girls set (incomplete)
Their Slumberland 7" SLR 98 single (playlist of tho songs)



Savage Republic / The Urinals / Brilliant Colors / Rank/Xerox - 2009-07-18 - Hemlock Tavern SF


Rank / Xerox
Brilliant Colors
The Urinals
Savage Republic
@Hemlock Tavern 2009-07-18

taper: thehappyone
kit: Sonic Studios DSM-6L > Edirol R-09HR (w/o batbox)

There is nothing in the way of photos from the show or posters or videos, just these recordings from the now dearly departed Hemlock Tavern.  An absolutely brilliant set of bands, too.  Recordings linked to via the band name.  

Was the second night in a row seeing Savage Republic play with other legendary bands like Flipper and Toiling Midgets the previous night, and The Urinals for this present show, along with local promising groups Brilliant Colors and Rank/Xerox

Rank/Xerox - soundchecking / Discipline / Turn To Stone / Our Early Time / Basement Furniture / Drips / Nausea / Stairs / outro

Brilliant Colors - soundchecking / Mythic / I Searched / Should I Tell You / English Cities / Short Sleeves At Night / Over There / Yell In The Air / Absolutely Anything

The Urinals - intro + soundchecking / Strip Club / Close Our Eyes / Girl Before / Water/Blood / Bring Me Joy / This Love Is Impossible / Rocket To The Moon / Insomnia / Shut Yr Trap / Black Hole / The President & King Shake Hands / Unblackmailable / (sounds like a Sonic Youth cover) / This Song Is a Virus / outro

Savage Republic - soundcheck (w/chatter) / Year Of Exile / Procession / Mobilization / Next To Nothing / Andelusia / Viva La Rock n' Roll [Alternative TV] / 1938 / Siege / outro




Flipper w/Savage Republic & Toiling Midgets - 2009-07-17 - Cafe Du Nord, SF


Cafe Du Nord
San Francisco CA

taper: lammah
equip: Sonic Studios DSM-6/L mics > Edirol R-09HR
loc:   stage left-ish, about 5-10' away from the band
prep:  32/48 WAV > Adobe Audition 1.5 (normalization, bass EQ, conversion to 16/44) > CD WAVE (tracksplits) > FLAC(6)


00 - intro - [0:25]
01 The Lights The Sound The Rhythm The Noise [5:47]
02 Sacrifice [6:29]
03 [4:13]
04 The Way Of The World  [5:19]
05 Ha Ha Ha Ha [3:01]
06 [5:06]
07 - Bruce improv tune -  [0:11]
08 Ever [4:59]
09 Survivors Of The Plague [7:01]
10 (I Saw You Shine)  [10:09]
11      Get Away [4:37]
12 Life Is Cheap  [faded out] [5:42]

(contemporaneous write-up)

There's a couple of songs (03 and 06) I can't identify, much appreciated if you could help a brother out.  Apparently they played nothing from Love, which is quote weird considering it came out in June 2009.

Unfortunately, my recording cuts out before the encore of "Sex Bomb", and I may have missed "Talk Is Cheap" before that, so if anybody else here has another version of this that is complete, please share.  
Can't complain how this came out otherwise.

Mr. Calderwood was in "fine" form and was so pissed off he didn't bother to come back on for the encore.  I don't think the crowd hated him quite enough for his liking, even once the moshpit started going.  New bassist Rachel Thoele availed herself well, though during the start of one of her songs, Bruce started going off on her playing out of tune.  That man can down a beer faster than
anybody I've ever seen though...not Dumweiser even but one of those thick foreign brews...I think everybody was actually impressed by that.

Probably not a show you'd re-play frequently, but a good, even if  incomplete, document.


*  No leveraging for material gain, unless you're Bruce Loose or an authorized representative thereof.  Simply uncool otherwise.
*  I don't mind MP3 transcodes (not on the lossless torrent site of note of course), but please retain this info file!
*  Have fun.  Life is too short otherwise.


REPPLIF  (pCloud stream/dl)
"The Lights The Sound The Rhythm The Noise " - Filmed by 'BayAreaMusicLens' for their 2008 Cafe Du Nord show, with Krist from Nirvana instead of Rachel from Frightwig on bassist duties...for Flipper, this instrument is the equivalent to drummers for Spinal Tap, it is said.


Doves - 2009-05-18 - The Fillmore, SF


The Fillmore
San Francisco CA

taper:  lammah
gear :  Sonic Studios DSM-6/L mics > Edirol R-09HR
loc  :  About 15-20' behind left-hand side stack
prep :  Adobe Audition 1.5 (normalization, clap suppression, bass EQ) > CD Wave (tracksplits) > FLAC(6)


6:40    01. Jetstream
4:14    02. Snowden
5:30    03. Winter Hill
3:51    04. Rise
4:33    05. Pounding
6:12    06. Almost Forgot Myself
4:41    07. 10:03
6:03    08. Compulsion
5:06    09. Words
4:07    10. The Greatest Denier
5:01    11. Kingdom Of Rust
3:30    12. Ambition
4:44    13. Black And White Town
4:34    14. The Outsider
6:00    15. Caught By The River
3:18    16. (Crowd)
4:17    17. Firesuite
5:53    18. Here It Comes
4:05    19. The Last Broadcast
1:31    20. There Goes The Fear (cut)
4:24    20. There Goes The Fear (continued) [*]

Total: 98:23

* = used iPhone, very poor quality, about 30 seconds is missing from this track

2009 notes:

The Doves live at the Fillmore in "San Fran", as Jimi referred to it continually.  

Unfortunately, this didn't come out as good as some of my other recent efforts, could be because Doves were LOUD, as this was one of the few recent shows I kept earplugs in, the other of course being MBV...or due to poor acoustics even though I was relatively close to the front stacks, was on the other side the last time...or perhaps I'm unfairly comparing this to the superior Seattle recording that cut_here did with his AT853's that was shared here on (a certain Bittorent live music sharing site)...

In any event, I reckoned I didn't have enough battery power to tape the opening act, as I ran off in a rush and forgot to take an extra set with me.  I was right, and I didn't have enough to capture all of the set either, as I ran out of juice a minute and a half into 'There Goes The Fear'...I had the wherewithal to then
use my iPhone to capture the rest of it in extremely poor, distorted quality.

There were a few other distractions, but it's otherwise still an OK listen.

Also note that I have switched to a generic filename format and am now properly utilizing FLAC tags.
(undone for this share)
Good review:

http://popwreckoning.com/2009/05/20/doves-the-fillmore-san-francisco/ (from archive.org)


* Leveraging this recording for material gain will result in bad karma for thee!
* Redistribution in lossy format is OK, but retain this info file and reference back to this original seed, please
* Above all, enjoy!  Life is too short and brutish for anything else.



2021 commentary/additions:

Recording sounds a bit thin, which is probably due to the sheer volume causing the Edirol limter to compress if I had to guess.  I could probably do some EQ tricks, but it becomes making a silk purse out of a sow's ear, so best just keep it as it is...I've certainly heard worse in my time....was a very good show, but probably one of the loudest five shows I've ever been to...

As stated above, openers Wild Light were not taped.

Here are some videos of this performance that I found...I played "Almost Forgot Myself" to my audio recording, was very enjoyable...

"Pounding" from none other than "Karen" (how mad):

Stunning footage of "Almost Forgot Myself" from 'bayareanorthernsoul':

Poorer quality "Black and White Town" from "gaae2000":

And finally, a quartet of videos from "AdmiralNeeda" who has captured quite a few shows over the years...

"Black and White Town"

"Caught By The River"


"There Goes The Fear"


Sleepytime Gorilla Museum w/Fred Frith - 2009-05-10 - Great American Music Hall SF


Sleepytime Gorilla Museum
Great American Music Hall
San Francisco CA

taper:  lammah
equipment:  Sonic Studios DSM-6/L > Edirol R-09HR
postion:  stage right, in front of Carla, and 1" in front of front fill stack
editing:  Adobe Audition 1.5 (normalization/balancing/attenuation of audience clapping/re-EQ) > CD Wave (tracksplits > FLAC(6) > here


01 - (entrance march) 5:29
02 - bring back the apocalypse 7:12
03 - headless corpses enactment 5:50
04 - phthisis 7:06
05 - (luciano vox) 3:41
06 - norgarden nyvla [Fred Frith on bass guitar] 6:21
07 - the salt crown 9:02
08 - the last human being 6:01
09 - salamander 8:04
10 - the only dance 7:47
11 - the old grey heron 9:37
12 - a hymn to the morning star 5:26
13 - the donkey-headed adversary of humanity opens the discussion 7:35
14 - angle of repose 10:21
15 - 1997 (tonight we're gonna party like it's...) 10:23

TOTAL  110:02

bonus: FF01 Fred Frith (opening act)  35:23

I've heard SGH's albums, and thought they were good, but they pale compared to catching them
live.  Wow!

This was a tour-end show so had a few special additions, like the absolutely unforgettable entrance march, still something I've not see any other band try to pull off.

Took a very interesting position, right in front of Carla Kihlstedt, who is just an amazing musician and performer.  The others are talented too. :)  Thus, the original recording is unbalanced toward the left channel, as that was picking up the fill stack 1" in front of my left mic.  Along with re-EQing some bass, I've fixed this in the mastered version.

A photo of the setlist can be found here, taken by my friend Jason:

There's also other photos of the band you can peruse at your leisure.   Haha, I'm joking, these were *only* available via the Wayback Machine, which I've managed to collect and extract for your convenience.

I've also included Fred Frith's opening set, which was a single long 30+ minute song.
Apologies for any talking you can hear during this...it is what it is.  As for video there are bits from other Great American shows but none from this as far as I've been able to search.


* Do not leverage this recording for material gain.  Not cool.

* MP3 transcodes are fine (but not on DIME of course), just keep the original info file...

* Above all, enjoy!

LISTEN TO SGM  (pCloud fileset)


Spectrum w/Entrance Band - 2009-05-07 - GAMH SF

Great American Music Hall
San Francisco CA

taper: lammah (me)
equipment: Sonic Studios DSM-6/L > Edirol R-09HR
editing: Adobe Audition (normalization|limiter on clapping|48/32 to 44.1/16) >
CD Wave (tracksplits) > FLAC(6)

00s0 - soundchecking  [3:29]
00s1 - pre-gig backing music  [5:43]  
[left out of original seed, but re-included here]

01 - Mary Anne  [9:41]
02 - Transparent Radiation  [7:23]
03 - Set Me Free  [7:38]
04 - How You Satisfy Me  [6:10]

05 - Ché  [6:01]
06 - When Tomorrow Hits  [7:20]
07 - Revolution  [12:23
08 - War Sucks [Red Crayola]  [7:46]
09 - Suicide  [22:04]

TOTAL: 89:59 -> 95:42

Another outing from Peter Kember and the boys. First time at the GAMH for me, if you can believe it! Great-looking place with a stage not too high up, so you feel like you're right there.

Apparently, he had a sore throat and was losing his voice, so he had throat spray right up on stage and was using it copiously. Music to take sore throat spray to listen to music to.
Got almost all of the Spectrum set, ran out of battery the last couple of minutes but got almost all of the feedback freakout at the end of Suicide.  Killer set otherwise, you won't be disappointed.

I taped both openers, though the Dora Flood set apparently got written over.  There was one other taper lurking about, who may have taped this.

The Entrance Band set I have...and for the first time it is being shared here, their first song was amazing, but it then descended to a bit of a Hendrix power trio-jamband thing, others enjoyed it but not 100% my cup of tea. At one point the singer, some guy dressed all in white, decided to soak in a bit of Spectrum and stood in the audience right in front of us, which was cool.

* Leveraging this recording for material gain is seriously uncool.
* I'm okay with MP3 transcodes (or YouTube of course) as long as this info file is kept and/or reference to the original link is retained, which it probably won't be.
* Enjoy the music!



Ladytron w/The Faint - 2009-04-30 - The Fillmore SF


The Fillmore
San Francisco CA USA

Gear:      Sonic Studios DSM-6/L > Edirol R-09HR (v1.05 firmware)
mastering: Adobe Audition 1.5 (normalization/levelling/downsampling from 48/32) >
       CD Wave (tracksplits) > FLAC(6)


Black Cat  [5:12]
Runaway  [4:50]
High Rise  [4:55]
Ghosts  [3:55]
Seventeen  [4:42]
I'm Not Scared  [3:48]
True Mathematics  [2:27]
Seasons Of Illusions  [4:03]
Soft Power  [5:09]
Discotraxx   [3:56]
International Date Line  [4:22]
Fighting In Built Up Areas  [4:42]
Tomorrow  [3:29]
---  (pre-encore audience bit) [2:03]  
Versus  [5:19]
Destroy Everything You Touch   [5:30]

Total: 68:32

(My recollections around the time I first shared this, back in 2009)

Stood stage left-ish, about 20' behind the PA rig.

I wish the sound would have been better...as the mix was all over the place...some parts were pretty muddled, though it seemed to get better as the set went on. I'm pretty happy with my rig though, I don't turn out bass-riddled garbage anymore....though maybe I should bring the bat box back.

There was a big fight/"security action" near us right before the end of the main set, enough to have the band at the start of the encore to implore the crowd not to fight...sounds like it's been a pretty fraught tour for them...

Apparently this is the set they're touring the US with...more focused on their new album, which based from this recording, sounds absolutely superlative, with 'Black Cat', 'Runaway', 'I'm Not Scared' and 'Tomorrow' being standout tracks.

Don't get me started on the Faint...everybody except yours truly and friend seemed to worship the ground they stand on, enough to start shaking it from all their jumping around...or the Fillsore...which truly lives down to their name...I'll probably still seed their set...so you can judge for yourselves
the merits of Omaha's finest new-wave/electroclash act.


* Please do not leverage this recording for monetary gain.
* I'm okay with lossy transcodes (not on **** of course!) but please refer to the original source and include this info file!
* Above all, enjoy the music!

TRONLADY (pCloud dl+stream)


Videos on YouTube

Black Cat (mani_thepansy)


Runaway (mani_thepansy)

Ghosts (mani_thepansy)

True Mathematics (mani_thepansy)

Soft Power (mani_thepansy)   ...starts in progress

Fighting In Built Up Areas (mani_thepansy)

Youtube playlist of video tracks 

There's another track from Jacobo Alvarez, but it's too distorted to do anything with, and as it's not the complete thing, it's not worth syncing.



Throbbing Gristle w/Erika Anderson - 2009-04-23 - Regency Ballroom SF

audio of show streamed on YouTube, as shared by 'Live Coil Archive' aka Wallflower

Throbbing Gristle
The Grand Ballroom at The Regency Center
San Francisco CA
April 23, 2009 (Thursday)

Source: AT825 (left balcony, ~25' from stage) > SD 744T > WAVE (24/44.1)
Transfer: SD 744T (FW) > G5 Dual Mac (Peak/xACT) > FLACs (level 8)

CD1 (71:33)
1 intro
2 Very Friendly
3 Persuasion
4 Something Came Over Me >
5 Live Ray
6 Hamburger Lady
7 Almost A Kiss
8 Spring Bankistan
9 (banter/band intro)
10 Endless Not

CD2 (18:34)
1 What A Day >
2 Discipline
3 (crowd/curtain call)

total time: 1:30:07

Genesis Breyer P-Orridge - vocals, violin, bass
Peter "Sleazy" Christopherson - electronics
Cosey Fanni Tutti - guitar, electronics
Chris Carter - electronics


This recording was shared by Michael Z. on a certain bittorrent sharing site, a couple weeks (or maybe a month?) after I put up my inferior offer, which Mr. Z. was *quite* critical of, but at least he shared his byproduct instead of just harsh words, so we should be very thankful for his generosity!

That can be downloaded here:  AUD #1 (michaelz)

My own effort is available here:  AUD #2  (lammah), along with my writeup, and some distant, blurry pics, the best of which is to the right of this text.

Here it is, a recording of Throbbing Gristle's first San Francisco appearance since they last played here in 1981, when I would have been ten years old.

Some of the people around me were a bit loud, especially the French-y guy you can hear shouting at Genesis after the first track, and there's conversation during the last part of Persuasion... I sound like a grumpy taper, don't I?  For some reason, the chatter bothered me, but who am I to dictate what others choose to do besides stare slack-jawed in rapt attention, which is probably either the first or last thing Mr. P. Orridge wants, depending on her mood.

Very amusing bit where Genesis reads off the phone number of one "Stephanie", who exhorts the vocalist to 'call her', as she's 'ready to be created'.  I'm going to assume this was done with  her consent and have left this information in the recording unedited...

Otherwise, this recording should be more than adequate to give those who missed this a taste of the proceedings.  Yes, the volume nearly doubled for the last two tracks, but still hopefully not enough to brickwall.

Not sure that #6 is really 'Live Ray', assume that's what it's called, based on process of elimination, given the 2009 setlists I've seen so far. 
[ed note: Correct]

The opening act (I think 'The Dakotas' is what they called themselves, and isn't just them saying where they're from) played a single long song that was pleasant enough, so I've included  it here.
  [ed note: not sure what substances I was on when hearing what the singer announced herself as.]  

As recompense, I ended up remastering the opening set (Erika Anderson of 'ambient folksters' Gowns)...which you can grab from here.

ERIKA ANDERSON (opening set)

Video footage from the show.


Black Kids + Mates Of State (w/Judgement Day) - 2009-04-21 - The Independent SF


[NOTE:  Both the co-headlining sets were shared on a certain Bittorrent site at the time, but the opening act Judgement Day had not been. ]

Black Kids
The Independent
San Francisco

Co-headline date with Mates of State.  This is the second night of a two night
sojourn in SF.

taper    : lammah (aka thehappyone)
gear     : Sonic Studios DSM-6Ls > Edirol R-09HR
mastering: Adobe Audition 1.5 (hardlimit of audience clapping, normalization) >
                   CD Wave (tracksplits) > FLAC(6)

Was actually recorded as 16/44.1, normally I do 24/48 and downsample, probably reset by the firmware upgrade I just did on the Edirol.


1:10    00 - intro music/soundchecking

3:24    01 - Listen To Your Body Tonight
4:20    02 - Partie Traumatic
3:49    03 - I've Underestimated My Charm (Again)
2:27    04 - I Took Her Love For Granted [Hefner]
4:48    05 - Look At Me (When I Rock Wichoo)
4:17    06 - Hit The Heartbrakes
4:34    07 - You Were Faux Cool
4:33    08 - Love Me Already
4:52    09 - I'm Making Eyes At You
4:47    10 - I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend
1:16    11 - pre-encore cheering
3:46    12 - You Only Call Me When You're Crying
6:22    13 - Hurricane Jane

Total 54:31

"I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend" has a bit of Bizarre Love Triangle by New Order, nice touch for this old NO fan.

Probably the best recording I've ever done, was right in front, too.  No re-EQ done, anything other than keeping the audience shouts/clapping in line.

This was one of those things that didn't sound that great when you were there but sounds absolutely wonderful listening to the playback in the sunlight of daytime.  At one point, an female (probably quite inebriated) exhorted myself and my cohort to dance or something, but we refrained since we're old white guys, the kind Black Kids frown upon because they don't dance...at least that was my excuse for the erstwhile "Hurricane Jane"...


* Absolutely NO leverage for material gain permitted.
* I don't mind MP3 transcodes, but please keep a reference back to this original
  seed/info file


Only videos from these dates was from the previous night was bits of "Rock With You" and the Hefner cover, by underwomanit.

Look At Me (When I Rock Wichoo)

I Took Her Love For Granted [Hefner]


The Whip + Late Of The Pier - 2009-04-16 - Popscene, SF


The Whip
Popscene @330 Ritch St.
San Francisco CA

taper: thehappyone
kit: Sony ECM-MS907 > Edirol R-09HR (w/o batbox)


00 - intro   [1:06]
01 - Muzzle #1  [4:59]
02 - Sister Siam  [4:50]
03 - Divebomb  [5:39]
04 - Blackout  [6:03]
05 - Throw It In The Fire  [6:03]
06 - Shake  [6:25]
07 - Trash  [6:41]
08 - outro  [4:51]
09 - brief chat with Bruce Carter  [0:47] 

Total  [48:28]

Mancunian dance-rock band active from 2006 to the present,  though Discogs doesn't list recordings after 2011. Frontman Bruce Carter would had previously formed Nylon Pylon and then become a music teacher.

Lots of muffling during the first couple of tracks, and in fact, throughout...probably due to me not knowing how to hold up a microphone...the MS907 isn't a lapel mic but something more handheld/tabletop.

GSM interference from my iPhone during "Blackout", and midway through "Shake".  Kraftwerk sample during "Throw It In The Fire".  A good early example of me being totally excited and whooping my approval after every track, though I never picked up their album "X Marks Destination"

Must have shocked the hell out of Bruce for some SF rando evento have mentioned Alex!  Adding "The Red" finally clued him in...

WHIP IT  (d/l from pCloud)