Part Time Punks Festival 2009 - Section 25 (pt. 3)

Section 25
'Part Time Punks' festival
The Echoplex LA

taper: lammah
equip: Sonic Studios DSM-6/L > Edirol R-09HR
locat: Right in front
mstrg: 48/32 WAV > Adobe Audition 1.5 [compression/limiting on claps/normalization/re-EQ/tracking] > FLAC


00 Intro (synth from 'New Horizon')   1:12
01 Gene                               9:02
02 Friendly Fires                     4:24
03 Wretch                             4:05
04 Charnel Ground                     4:01
05 Warsaw [Joy Division]              3:56
06 Looking From A Hilltop             5:53
07 Up To You                          3:09
08 Poppy Fields                       6:05
09 Dirty Disco                        6:07

TOTAL                               +47:58

Blackpool's very own, in their first LA appearance in nigh-on 25 years.

This recording is dominated by the riffing of new guitarist Steve Stringer...whom even if you don't rate his playing, is a great name for a guitarist, about as good as Lindsay Thrasher from the much-missed Vomit Launch.  He was a bit unsteady at the start of 'Charnel Ground' which seems to be a new oldie that the group brought out to play, but as you can hear, sounds good otherwise.  You can hear Larry on harmonica(!) during encore Dirty Disco.  An extended version of Gene as it took the elder Cassidy a few minutes to come out.

Includes some good pictures from my friend Mark.  The man at the DJ booth is none other than James Nice of LTM fame, whom we had the chance to meet.  My favorite picture is this one, which captures both Cassidy brothers in their element.

Cassidy Bros in action...RIP Larry


* Please don't sell or leverage for material gain.  
* MP3 transcodes (not on DIME of course) are permitted, but please include this info file
* Above all, enjoy the music!  

A couple of pics from Ned...  #1  #2




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