Part Time Punks Festival 2009 - Shark Toys + Abe Vigoda + The Intelligence (pt. 1)

The Intelligence

Presenting these in reverse order, as that presentation makes the most sense for these.  At least to me.

The Intelligence
Part Time Punks Festival
The Echoplex
Los Angeles CA 

taper: bcingyou, using Sony ECM-990F > M-Audio Microtrack II.

01 intro / The Universe
02 Nice Tries
03 Debt & ESP
04 Dating Cops, busted snare, joke
05 Thank You God For Fixing The Tape Machine
06 The World Is A Drag
07 Tuned To Puke
08 Block Of Ice  [Thee Oh Sees]
09 Like Like Like Like Like Like Like
10 Black Hole [The Urinals]
11 The Unessential Cosmic Perspective
12 outro

INTELLIGENCE (bcingyou recording, pCloud)

An assemblage of video clips synced from my friend's Kodak Easyshare, maybe also incorporate footage from my iPhone?

The Intelligence from the 'Part Time Punks' fest at the Echo in LA on October 11th, 2009, featuring Lars Finberg and cohorts. Two brief clips, joined together....including "The World Is A Drag" [0:00], "Like Like Like Like Like Like Like" [1:18], "Black Hole", a Urinals cover [3:14], and their last song, The Unessential Cosmic Perspective [4:34]

DVD d/l of above.

Abe Vigoda 
Part Time Punks Festival 
The Echoplex 
Los Angeles CA 
taper: thehappyone, using Edirol R-09HR with built-in mics
00 pre-gig soundcheck (Cocteau Twins, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - The Weeping Song) [0:00
01 Crush [5:14
02 November [9:59
03 Dream Of My Love (Chasing After You) [12:48
04 House [17:52
05 Pure Violence (early version) [22:06
06 A then-unreleased song (not on the YouTube link)
07 Bear Face [26:39
08 Skeleton [29:20
09 Don't Lie [31:42
10 outro (The Smiths) [34:39
Forgot how good Abe Vigoda were back in the day, they were the first band I caught at the 2009 Part Time Punks Fest. This was on the heels of 'Reviver' being released, with final album 'Crush' to follow in 2010, with the setlist straddling older songs and one from the then forthcoming album. Believe they called it a day in 2014, so they have the quite interesting distinction of having the person they named themselves after lasting longer than the band! (the real Abe Vigoda died in 2016) 

ABE VIG (pCloud).  

Not great recording quality, this is the original version, un-remastered or whatever I did to these for the 2017 YT share.

Photos, just rediscovered...the originals are in the link above.

Abe Vigoda

Shark Toys - I didn't catch these guys, arriving a bit later than when they played, but would see them twice and buy their albums.  Warning - the below footage - filmed with a Blackberry - is awful quality, but it's what we got, and have updated setlist.fm accordingly.


Stayed Up

Crush On You (Tronics)

Recently uncovered:  Music writer Ned Raggert's photo archive ...though that will come into play in later parts.

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