The State Of The World...or something...

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I likely won't keep this channel updated regularly beyond this post, beyond yearly recaps, and archaeological digs.

New posts appear on Facebook and Tumblr, which also mirrors to Twitter. 

New videos appear on Youtube.  Note that because of the copyright strike system, I'm fairly judicious of what I choose to upload, so many links are unlisted and just referenced above.

Twitter and Instagram may have links as well, which may or may not vary slightly.

Here's a linktr.ee.

Here's a listing of worthwhile bands "from here" to get you started, which I recorded over the past year that I've started sharing my recordings publicly over YT or since 2017, via pCloud fileshares.  I figured out that the idea was to get them heard, rather than worry about the sanctity of the format chosen, but for some of the older ones, you're always free to request the lossless versions, which I can make available...within reason....

I also have various shows from the past via various archives (my own and others) shared on my channel, but that's been a lot more scattershot, so it should be covered in a different post, perhaps when the next "blast from the past" is shared.  Only if there were five of me...

This listing is in reverse chronological order.