Ladytron w/The Faint - 2009-04-30 - The Fillmore SF


The Fillmore
San Francisco CA USA

Gear:      Sonic Studios DSM-6/L > Edirol R-09HR (v1.05 firmware)
mastering: Adobe Audition 1.5 (normalization/levelling/downsampling from 48/32) >
       CD Wave (tracksplits) > FLAC(6)


Black Cat  [5:12]
Runaway  [4:50]
High Rise  [4:55]
Ghosts  [3:55]
Seventeen  [4:42]
I'm Not Scared  [3:48]
True Mathematics  [2:27]
Seasons Of Illusions  [4:03]
Soft Power  [5:09]
Discotraxx   [3:56]
International Date Line  [4:22]
Fighting In Built Up Areas  [4:42]
Tomorrow  [3:29]
---  (pre-encore audience bit) [2:03]  
Versus  [5:19]
Destroy Everything You Touch   [5:30]

Total: 68:32

(My recollections around the time I first shared this, back in 2009)

Stood stage left-ish, about 20' behind the PA rig.

I wish the sound would have been better...as the mix was all over the place...some parts were pretty muddled, though it seemed to get better as the set went on. I'm pretty happy with my rig though, I don't turn out bass-riddled garbage anymore....though maybe I should bring the bat box back.

There was a big fight/"security action" near us right before the end of the main set, enough to have the band at the start of the encore to implore the crowd not to fight...sounds like it's been a pretty fraught tour for them...

Apparently this is the set they're touring the US with...more focused on their new album, which based from this recording, sounds absolutely superlative, with 'Black Cat', 'Runaway', 'I'm Not Scared' and 'Tomorrow' being standout tracks.

Don't get me started on the Faint...everybody except yours truly and friend seemed to worship the ground they stand on, enough to start shaking it from all their jumping around...or the Fillsore...which truly lives down to their name...I'll probably still seed their set...so you can judge for yourselves
the merits of Omaha's finest new-wave/electroclash act.


* Please do not leverage this recording for monetary gain.
* I'm okay with lossy transcodes (not on **** of course!) but please refer to the original source and include this info file!
* Above all, enjoy the music!

TRONLADY (pCloud dl+stream)


Videos on YouTube

Black Cat (mani_thepansy)


Runaway (mani_thepansy)

Ghosts (mani_thepansy)

True Mathematics (mani_thepansy)

Soft Power (mani_thepansy)   ...starts in progress

Fighting In Built Up Areas (mani_thepansy)

Youtube playlist of video tracks 

There's another track from Jacobo Alvarez, but it's too distorted to do anything with, and as it's not the complete thing, it's not worth syncing.


The Faint
The Fillmore
San Francisco, CA

taper____:  lammah
equipment:  Sonic Studios DSM-6/L > Edirol R-09HR
postion__:  stage left, about 20" behind front stacks
editing__:  Adobe Audition 1.5 (normalization/attenuation of audience clapping/re-EQ) >
            CD Wave (tracksplits > FLAC(6) >


00 - intro 0:43   
01 - Drop Kick The Punks 2:41
02 - The Conductor 4:35
03 - Get Seduced 4:32
04 - Birth 3:14
05 - Take Me To The Hospital 4:18
06 - Machine In The Ghost 3:22
07 - Posed To Death 3:05
08 - Desperate Guys 3:39
09 - Psycho 2:52
10 - Mirror Error 3:40
11 - Call Call 2:38
12 - I Disappear 4:09
13 - Glass Danse 3:39
14 - Southern Belles In London Sing 2:52
15 - Worked Up So Sexual 3:56
16 - The Geeks Were Right 3:01
17 - Paranoiattack 4:20
18 - Agenda Suicide 5:11

Total 66:37


If you're looking for depth in your lyrics or anything other than electroclashy dance music, look elsewhere.  I was nicely asked, so I've taken the time to prepare this for seeding, and while I wasn't a huge fan of these guys at the time, I can appreciate  others who were there (everybody else, really) who were.  Plus, there are no seeds of this group currently (out there).

It's a good recording, added a bit of bass EQ back in, and it sounds much better for it.  The machines are giving up the ghost during a few seconds of 'Worked Up So Sexual' and everything goes haywire.  You can hear me chuckle scheudefreudely.  (is that a word?)

Blurry photos included for the full package.  I'd scan in my Live Nation ticket, butif you've seen one, you've seen them all.


* Leverage of this recording for material gain is probibited, and can get you thrown off [the bittorrent sharing site not mentioned by name here].  Don't do it!
* I'm OK with MP3 or other lossy transcodes (not on ****, of course) but please retain this info file and/or reference to the URL of the original seed
* Above all, enjoy!

(pCloud dl/stream)

(Note: would see them again 10 years latter and they were more intense, but they weren't bad at all either time!)

There's quite a bit of video footage, starting with this playlist from "mani_thepansy", which begins with The Faint's "Glass Danse"

Agenda Suicide (mani_thepansy)

Worked Up So Sexual (Ally Roarty)

End of "Machines In The Ghosts", into start of "Posed To Death" (jacobo alvarez)

And another one from jgonzales33 that's hard to listen to...

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