Throbbing Gristle w/Erika Anderson - 2009-04-23 - Regency Ballroom SF

audio of show streamed on YouTube, as shared by 'Live Coil Archive' aka Wallflower

Throbbing Gristle
The Grand Ballroom at The Regency Center
San Francisco CA
April 23, 2009 (Thursday)

Source: AT825 (left balcony, ~25' from stage) > SD 744T > WAVE (24/44.1)
Transfer: SD 744T (FW) > G5 Dual Mac (Peak/xACT) > FLACs (level 8)

CD1 (71:33)
1 intro
2 Very Friendly
3 Persuasion
4 Something Came Over Me >
5 Live Ray
6 Hamburger Lady
7 Almost A Kiss
8 Spring Bankistan
9 (banter/band intro)
10 Endless Not

CD2 (18:34)
1 What A Day >
2 Discipline
3 (crowd/curtain call)

total time: 1:30:07

Genesis Breyer P-Orridge - vocals, violin, bass
Peter "Sleazy" Christopherson - electronics
Cosey Fanni Tutti - guitar, electronics
Chris Carter - electronics


This recording was shared by Michael Z. on a certain bittorrent sharing site, a couple weeks (or maybe a month?) after I put up my inferior offer, which Mr. Z. was *quite* critical of, but at least he shared his byproduct instead of just harsh words, so we should be very thankful for his generosity!

That can be downloaded here:  AUD #1 (michaelz)

My own effort is available here:  AUD #2  (lammah), along with my writeup, and some distant, blurry pics, the best of which is to the right of this text.

Here it is, a recording of Throbbing Gristle's first San Francisco appearance since they last played here in 1981, when I would have been ten years old.

Some of the people around me were a bit loud, especially the French-y guy you can hear shouting at Genesis after the first track, and there's conversation during the last part of Persuasion... I sound like a grumpy taper, don't I?  For some reason, the chatter bothered me, but who am I to dictate what others choose to do besides stare slack-jawed in rapt attention, which is probably either the first or last thing Mr. P. Orridge wants, depending on her mood.

Very amusing bit where Genesis reads off the phone number of one "Stephanie", who exhorts the vocalist to 'call her', as she's 'ready to be created'.  I'm going to assume this was done with  her consent and have left this information in the recording unedited...

Otherwise, this recording should be more than adequate to give those who missed this a taste of the proceedings.  Yes, the volume nearly doubled for the last two tracks, but still hopefully not enough to brickwall.

Not sure that #6 is really 'Live Ray', assume that's what it's called, based on process of elimination, given the 2009 setlists I've seen so far. 
[ed note: Correct]

The opening act (I think 'The Dakotas' is what they called themselves, and isn't just them saying where they're from) played a single long song that was pleasant enough, so I've included  it here.
  [ed note: not sure what substances I was on when hearing what the singer announced herself as.]  

As recompense, I ended up remastering the opening set (Erika Anderson of 'ambient folksters' Gowns)...which you can grab from here.

ERIKA ANDERSON (opening set)

Video footage from the show.

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