Editors w/The Antlers - 2010-02-08 - The Warfield SF

Photos by thehappyone

The Warfield
San Francisco, CA

Postion: 20 feet back from the right stack

Equipment: Edirol R-09HR @24 bit 48hz > downsampled to 16 bit 44.1hz/
Sonic Studios DSM-6/L microphones

Linage: WAV > Adobe Audition 1.5 > slight compression/normalization >
CD Wave (tracksplits) > FLAC(6)


01 4:07 In This Light And On This Evening
02 2:34 Lights
03 3:58 An End Has a Start
04 4:37 You Don't Know Love
05 4:22 Bones
06 4:48 The Boxer
07 4:38 The Big Exit
08 3:51 Blood
09 4:45 Eat Raw Meat = Blood Drool
10 4:18 The Racing Rats
11 3:49 Walk the Fleet Road
12 5:04 Like Treasure
13 3:31 Bullets
14 4:59 Smokers Outside the Hospital Doors
15 8:34 Bricks and Mortar
16 5:17 Munich
17 5:37 Papillon
18 5:21 Fingers in the Factories

Total 84:20


There's a rule of taping, the sweeter the spot, the more obnoxious the crowd around you.

I'd say this is a really good pull, as the Warfield being one of those cinema-type setups looks pretty tough to tape in...believe it or not, it's my first recording there, but it's occasionally marred by nattering drunk chicks, no offense to those who like their drink, and/or females in general. "Walk The Fleet Road" gets the worst of it, sadly. If you want to chat with your friends, go to the foyer and do it. If you want to take pictures of your friends, be mindful of other patrons and don't use the band playing as your backdrop. Yes, I tried to minimize the chatter by shifting around, but wasn't always successful. Perhaps I should stopsounding like an old crank and gotten drunk.

I also missed the very start where Tom Smith says "Hello, Everyone". He has some mutton-chops growing. The band were tighter than a duck's behind, as one would expect, since they're by all accounts an excellent live act, and the vocals were as clear as a bell. While I prefer the material off their first album the most, I didn't really mind the electronica-driven songs, though here they bear more than a passing sonic resemblance to Depeche Mode, as the start to 'The Boxer' is eerily reminiscent of 'But Not Tonight', and 'The Big Exit' sounds like it could have been slotted on Violator. However, while I don't feel the most recent material is quite as transcendent as "The Back Room", it's still pretty good, and the band gives it a good accounting...everybody who tweeted about it during and afterwards really liked it.

And yes "Eat Raw Meat = Blood Drool" is a god-awful song title.

I've provided the usual blurry iPhone pics, anybody else's photos are likely better.


* Do not sell or otherwise leverage this recording for material gain, like linking to this through some ad-strewn blogsite.

* I'm OK with MP3 transcodes (not on DIME of course), since that's a battle that was lost long ago.

* Above all, enjoy this recording! Purchase the Editors' albums and/or go see them when they come by your area.


Note:  This is all as originally provided in 2010.

EDITORS (pCloud)


An End Has A Start (weiserphoto)

The Racing Rats (gmax1967)

Munich (weiserphoto)

And from their 2008 appearance...scorpiocheech has you covered.

For The Antlers' opening set which I hadn't bother to tracksplit until now, for consistency I kept this as 44.1/16kHz.   

There was a setlist up on setlist.fm with all the tracks on 'Hospice', so rather than removing the tracks from the listing, I had just put a note indicating they weren't actually performed.

Stairs2TheAttic (from setlist.fm) gets full credit to help with the proper track ID so these are correct now.  Which is the following:

Thirteen / Kettering / Sylvia / Bear / Two / Wake

Two tracks are up on YouTube.




Some really interesting things surrounding their release "Hospice" in terms of helping listeners understand its significance. 

Opening for accused Joy Division copyists Editors (this Birmingham-based band claimed not to have listened to them prior to starting up, which I am skeptical about, to say the least) as the band who made what is said to be the saddest album ever made is definitely an eye-opener, and I wish I would have paid them more attention...but at least I did document their set.

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