Permanent Collection - 2012-01-27 - Serra Bowl [RIP]

Permanent Collection
Serra Bowl
Daly City, CA


The Kids
It's Alright
One Thousand Sins
In My Head
Matter At Hand
Forget It
Too Late

Download a FLAC set of their performance

NOTE:  All the songs are featured on their, Newly Wed Nearly Dead LP which came out in August 2012.   Pay the Loglady a visit if you want a copy.

Brendan and Megan
One of the most surreal moments for me in my forty some-odd years was hearing the sound of hazegaze/noisedrone backdropped by tenpins, so forgive me if I don't wax eloquent here.  I filmed two tracks, which you can watch below.  You'll be hearing more from this group as I plan to be at a couple of shows with them playing later this month.

The flickering video screens behind the band add to the mystique.

In My Head

One Thousand Sins

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