Monster Treasure - 2012-01-27 - Serra Bowl [RIP]

This week's installment of at my heels brings us to the now-closed Serra Bowl.  I remember bowling there many a time when I was younger, or coming along with my mom for her bowling league games working on chess games (I was a bit of a nerd, you see).  So the idea of having live music there when I first heard about it a couple of years ago just boggled my mind.  My one regret was not seeing the Blasted Canyons / Ty Segall show, but I did catch ECSR and Thee Oh Sees (I just fixed the links for that so you can hear it), which still ranks as my favorite live experience of all time.  So its what that I present the lineup that played the second and last live show I caught at this special venue, and have decided to feature all the bands individually.

After a pleasant chat with Corey of Terry Malts in (where else?) the bar, it was time to see what the combined Stockton (Monster Treasure/Surf Club, playing first/last) and SF (Permanent Collection/Terry Malts, playing 2nd/3rd) had in store.  Actually, it wasn't nearly as organized...nobody had any idea what was going on and it was a minor miracle that it all came together at the end, though the first part of Monster Treasure's set was afflicted with sound gremlins at the start.

Monster Treasure
Serra Bowl
Daly City CA

Recorded with Olympus LS-5, built-ins, resting on a table...I didn't feel the need to stealth for this show.


Hy In The Sky
Our Minds
Amy Chan
I Don't Give A Shit

I was actually pretty blown away at how fabulous this group was, but I'm admittedly partial to fuzz noise with harmony leads.  Stockton has definitely come a long way from Pavement, okay it had to be said, and hopefully they'll shake that albatross for good.Please, please, PLEASE, head on over to their Bandcamp to check out their eponymous EP.  You won't be sorry.

And thanks to the wonderful Megan Dabkowski, bassist for Curse Words and Permanent Collection, we've got video footage of my favorite song from these guys, "This".  And somehow she avoided filming me (a good thing in my book).

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