Blasted Canyons - The Knockout - 2012-01-29

Blasted Canyons
The Knockout
San Francisco CA

recordist: thehappyone
kit: Church Audio CA-11 > Olympus LS-5


Death and a Half
Holy Geometry [*]
Get High
Lasers vs Lizards
The Artist Formerly Known As Satan
Fries Yr Eyes
Blood On The Wall
The Man In Question
Liquid Fiend
Ice Cream Man
outro [Sid Vicious - My Way]

Download FLACs in a zipfile

Just got back from the eighth time seeing these guys last night [the 23rd of May 2012] at the Rickshaw, the recording which of course will eventually be featured here.

Not even a broken string and high-pitched whine (whom Matt graciously thanked, haha) could derail another mutant psych-drone sesh from these guys, brought to you by the Mission's premier dive bar, Le Knockout, and the crazed sounds from the group's Oberheim/axe/drumz.  If you haven't seen these guys play, they somehow manage to swap instruments just about after every song without breaking the ferocious amount of concentration and commitment or pandering to the audience...well, mostly.  Occasional reminders still were being meted out at this point. 

Live debut of 'The Artist Formerly...'  It slays.

I spent the time between sets reading Shaun Ryder's autobiog.  Perhaps coincidentally, or maybe not, a Mondays song was played over the PA.

If you STILL don't have their records, visit Castleface records and get that fixed, 'k?

The Mallard and Woolen Men from Portland sets are comin' up.


[*] The file still has my working title of 'Don't Say You'll Go' on it.

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