Weekend and The Soft Moon - 2011-11-09 - Secret Show, Oakland CA

Durkan, Johnson, Pedroza

Secret Show
Oakland CA
Kevin J.


Falling Away
End Times
Sweet Sixteen
untitled new song
The One You Want
Age Class
Coma Summer

Incubation bittorrent (FLAC files in zipfile).

I've added in my compatriot's recording, which sadly, ends at the start of Sweet Sixteen.

Video (Falling Away/End Times/last half of Coma Summer)

Anastasi, Vasquez, Way

The Soft Moon
Secret Show
All smiles all the Way
Oakland CA


Joy Divsion - As You Said intro
We Are We (alt vid of end)
Breathe The Fire
Out Of Time
Dead Love
Tiny Spiders

Incubation bittorrent (FLAC format)

I'm not sure what this was about...

Two things about the 'secret location' (in effect, a house show) that caused a bit of trepidation right off the bat:

(1) there was a lot of people crammed in the small space
(2) we were up on the 2nd floor, how much weight can the floor bear?

But there was really nothing (well, not much) to worry about, everything turned out great in the end, and you couldn't beat the price (free).  Both these three-pieces have been getting some seriously good (and deserved) press, so that they would even consider doing this is cool beyond words.  

The Soft Moon went on and played a really good set, though I had seen them a few days before and so I wanted to give others a chance to get up close, at least that's my excuse, the truth was it was so crowded I got pinned a bit further back than what I was hoping for.  Weekend's set was amazing, and for that I was down in front, the video footage I shot should give you some idea, Kevin could have easily brained me with the head of his guitar, and probably *should have* for my impudence.

Due to getting bumped, my compatriot only recorded the first two Weekend songs, so we only have mine to go from, heavily re-EQ'ed as the mics were under somebody's purse at one point.  The Soft Moon effort is the usual dual-source blend.

Some more pics:

The location

This was pinned on the wall

80's era boombox somebody had brought for tunes

For more photos, see my Flickr collection.


  1. Hello there "thehappyone" ...

    I don't have an "Incubation Bittorrent" account and I was wondering if you could possibly upload the following show to either Megaupload (or Mega) so that I could download a copy of it please.

    The Soft Moon
    Secret Show
    Oakland, CA

    Thank you for your time as well as considering my request for this FLAC audio bootleg.

    Take care,



    1. Ah ... OK.

      I am going to head over there and register then. ;-)

      Thanks again SO VERY MUCH for all of the cool TSM uploads and whatnot that you've shared here with others on your blog.

      I am extremely indebted to you for doing so.

      Excellent stuff.

      Take care,


      [ insert big hug for you here ]

  2. Incubation is no more, but will share these directly.

    Weekend - 2011-11-09 - Secret Show, Oakland CA

    The Soft Moon - 2011-11-09 - Secret Show, Oakland CA