Thee Oh Sees - 2011-10-30 - Ukrainian Cultural Center LA

Thee Oh Sees live October 30, 2011 at the Ukrainian Cultural Center in Los Angeles. Presented by FYF as a halloween party! Absolutely insane crowd. Thought I was gonna die in the first 5 minutes. 

Includes the amazing Lars Finberg as second drummer!!


01 soundcheck
02 Contraption/Soul Desert
03 The Dream
04 Enemy Destruct
05 Meat Step Lively
06 Carrion Crawler
07 Robber Barons
08 Block Of Ice
09 Destroyed Fortress Reappears
10 ?
11 Dead Energy


12 Tidal Wave
13 I Was Denied

COMPLETE SHOW VIDEO (now gone, sadly)

AUDIO RECORDING (resuscitated!)

Thee Oh Sees Tour Diary (via The Wayback Machine)

Video and audio courtesy of bcingyou and Moko117.


  1. Hey, rtahnks again for all the great postings, your site turned me on to Thee Oh Sees, as well as the Blasted Canyons, Terry Malts among others. Thee Oh Sees is one of the best bands I've heard in the last decade, they reminnd of a great Atlanta garage band called The Subsonics. Anyway, I'd love to hear this show but unfortunately I can't download using the "torrent thing", despite being a member of Dimeadozen. I live in a very rural area and my satellite high-speed set up does not allow me to use it due to download limits (FAP) and time limitations. I have never had problems with downloading your own links. Is it possible to post a link on your site/server or can you send me a link for Thee Oh Sees and the opening band, Total Control? If so you can email me at corkybud@catskill.net. Anyway, keep up the great work/taping....your site is like a computer version of the old 80s, 90s fanzine "Forced Exposure" turning me on to lots of great new bands. Thanks again, Danny Sherr

  2. Great message, and awesome that somebody is listening in! I'll have to ask JPD if he's heard of them...I wouldn't be surprised...as for Terry Malts...you'll like my latest post!

    I've replied privately to your message, but may as well summarize here as well. For all those without DIME, you can stream/listen to the audio from the YouTube videos, as it should be the same source, since we generally eschew putting up long clips with distorted digicam audio.

    And yea, verily, the use of Courier is all about aesthetics...I'm due to replacing the background with something more original...