Terry Malts - 2011-12-03 - The Bay Brewed, Verdi Club SF

NOTE: Due to other commitments, I wasn't able to make this show.  Plus, if I had drank $45 worth of beer, I wouldn't have remembered anything!

Terry Malts - 2011-12-03 
Verdi Club, San Francisco
"The Bay Brewed"

Sonic Studio mics -> Edirol R-09HR (24 bit / 48 kHz) -> Nero (level boost & downsample to 16 bit / 44.1k) -> cd wav -> flac level 8


01 Nauseous
02 I Do
03 What Was It?
04 Waiting Room
05 Something About You
06 Not Far From It
07 Where Is The Weekend
08 Tumble Down
09 Mall Dream
10 I'm Neurotic
11 Can't Tell No One

Complete audio recording (FLACs in a zipfile)

Some exclusive video footage from the end of 'What Was It?' and 'In The Waiting Room'

Notes from my partner in crime...

"It's taken a while, but I'm finally able to present Bay Brewed for your listening and viewing pleasure.

First off...the Bay Brewed. The idea is pretty clever. $45 to see 4 bands and drink as much beer as you can. The price was a bit steep, but judging from the crowd, it seems like some came mostly for the beer.

[The Verdi Club is also] where we went to the next day for Thee Oh Sees.  It is reminiscent of a high school auditorium during a battle of the bands competition, but I actually don't mean that in a negative way. And if Terry Malts and Weekend went to my high school, I'd be pretty happy.     [Note:  All these shows are forthcoming!]

Terry Malts kicked off the show and once again were amazing.  Don't know what else to say. You've seen em by now and know just how good they are. Phil only dropped his pick once btw. (Corey dropped his twice!)"

More photos from The Bay Bridged...

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