Magic Bullets - 2011-01-15 - Slim's SF

Magic Bullets
Slim's SF

taper:  thehappyone

equip:  a bit of a mess, the first song was done with my standard rig, but when I went to check levels, i must have unplugged my mics, so you can hear some interruptions as this happens.  So this was basically done with the built-ins on my Sony PCM-M10, and as a result had to be re-EQ'ed a bit more heavy-handed than normal.  
But it's still very listeneable.

locat:  about 3 rows back nearly in front of singer Phillip Benson, who caterwauls with the best of 'em.

setlist:  A Day Not So Far Off / Millions Of People Running In Circles / Lying Around / Common House Cats / ? / Television Won't Know / On Top Of The World / Sigh The Day Away

[note:  Common House Cats was released in April 2012 on Much Ado About, the fifth song I can't identify, may have to email the group to find out]

First of multiple dispatches from this show.  The next post(s) will feature The Fresh and Onlys and Crocodiles.

I first saw Magic Bullets along with Brilliant Colors open for The Homosexuals back at Bottom Of The Hill in March of 2009, and was simply floored...as others have remarked, it was part Smiths, part Postcard Scottish beat groups, and very, very catchy.  

I next caught them at Part Time Punks mini-fest in SF later that year, and hopped around so enthusiastically I knocked out the batteries in my recorder....just amazing stuff...and for me, the standout act of that night.

So when I heard they were opening for Crocodiles, this became a can't miss.  Confession time:  I don't own any of their own recordings.  Yet.  Don't be like me, buy them from the Mon Amie Records store!!  

(update: I went ahead and purchased their latest album+single bundle and their initial EP which they have on sale again)

The interesting part was that they were playing at Slim's, which I hadn't been to in over 10 years...last time was to see the Chameleons back when they reunited and played four West Coast shows.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that the place had been cleaned up since I was last there...it may be another 10 years before they again book another act I'd be interested in, but for the time I was there, I had no complaints, except for the pillars that can block your view of the stage.  Of course, the Bullets killed it, they cause people up front to dance and put a smile on my normally sullen features.  'Too much fighting on the dance floor'...not.  Just love.

Listen (FLAC download)

Previous recordings:

Magic Bullets
Bottom Of The Hill SF
A Part Time Punks event

taper:  thehappyone

equip:  Sonic Studios DSM-6/L mics > Edirol R-09HR


intro / For Romance / The Upstairs Flight / Millions Of People Running In Circles / Lying Around / The Book Is Closed / On Top Of The World / Not Just A Long Face / Yesterday's Seen Better Days


Some scuffling during the start of the first song as I was adjusting my mics, as well at the end of 'On Top Of The World' and was as multiple points during the last song, as well as a bit of good-natured(?) mockery from yours truly during the start of 'Not Just A Long Face'...I must have had too much to drink that night...


Part time Scot-pop, full time brill
Magic Bullets
'Part Time Punks' mini-fest
The Mezzanine SF

taper:  thehappyone

equip:  Sonic Studios DSM-6/L mics > Edirol R-09HR

setlist (sixth song is only a little over a minute long, as my jumping around caused me to miss most of it):

Pretend and Descend [fade-in] / A Day Not So Far Off / Lying Around / The Upstairs Flight / The Book Is Closed / Sigh The Day Away [cut]

I apologize in advance for my excessive enthusiasm heard therein, though others who have heard this don't seem to mind it so much.  You can't tell from the picture, but Philip's T-shirt read "Where's Claire Gogan Now?"


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