Crocodiles - 2011-01-15 - Slim's SF

Slim's SF

taper: thehappyone
equip: Sonic Studios DSM-6/L's > Sony PCM-M10
locat: near the front somewhere

setlist: Sleep Forever / Neon Jesus / Hearts Of Love / Summer Of Hate / Mirrors / All My Hate and Hexes Are For You  / Stoned To Death / I Wanna Kill // I'm Not A Young Man Anymore [Velvet Underground] (w/Dee Dee of Dum Dum Girls on backing vox) / outro
A pretty stunning wall of sound from San Diego's finest new act...they pretty much played this as one continuous song, with feedback stringing the songs together.    If you listen to the recording you can hear people compliment the performance, even before the show was over.  Nearly the same songs as their Popscene performance from August, but with a substitution and an additional encore track with Brandon's wife Dee Dee doing backing vox...

It's been a somewhat uphill climb for me from outright dismissing these guys as slavish JAMC imitators when I first saw them open for Ladytron back in 2009 (got there mid-set, so wasn't able to tape them) to actually appreciating their songcraft and noisepop hooks.  But we're here now, so enjoy the view!

Listen (FLAC format)

Also up on YouTube


330 Ritch Street
San Francisco CA

tapers: thehappyone + tomzero
equip: Sonic Studios DSM-6/Ls > Sony PCM-M10 (thehappyone) 
       Sonic Studios DSM-6s > Edirol R-09HR (tomzero)
blended together in Adobe Audition 1.5 by thehappyone


Sleep Forever / Neon Jesus / Hearts of Love / Summer of Hate / Mirrors / Billy Speed / Stoned To Death / I Wanna Kill

Had to wait nearly an hour for them to come on, and this was a short set that clocked just north of 35 minutes.  We were pretty annoyed at the time, but it gave the proceedings an edge which proved to make it all good.  This story is good too...better than snakes on a plane in my opinion...maybe it's what inspired them to call themselves that...

Listen (FLAC format)


  1. Wow thanks a lot for these recordings!! Ate the Royal Baths likely to get taped at some point?? Great great blog and thanks for taking the time and effort

  2. Nice work fellas. Crocs are back home in SD on Saturday!

  3. BTW. The untitled encore track is a cover of the Velvet Underground 'I'm Not a Young Man Anymore'.